Pakistan is a developing country. In Pakistan, the wages are not as good as in developed countries. Further, in Pakistan, the businesses are not as good as in other countries of the world. The restaurant industry in Pakistan is also in the developing phase. They don’t pay as much to their staff especially to their lower staff including waiters. But still, there are millions of workers who are depending on the restaurant industry in Pakistan. Only a few of these restaurants have proper salary packages for their waiters and most of them are working on an incentive basis. There is also some restaurants where waiter only works for the tip and they don’t get a single penny from the restaurant for their service. This system is old but still, there are some restaurants in Pakistan that are working according to this system.

5 Reasons You Should Tip Waiters In Pakistan

Waiters also have families and they want to give them a better lifestyle. When you are visiting a restaurant you don’t know either their waiters have a good salary package or not so it’s your responsibility to give them tip. In the below side, we are sharing 5 Reasons You Should Tip Waiters in Pakistan.

5 Reasons You Should Tip Waiters:

There are several reasons that you must tip your servers but the five top reasons are given in the below side. Scroll down and check these reasons in detail.

5 Reasons You Should Tip Waiters In Pakistan

Low Income:

As I already mention Pakistan is a developing country and in this country, restaurants don’t pay as much as their waiters deserve. In Pakistan, the minimum per day wage is at least RS 700 but most of the restaurants are not offering even half of this amount. They know that customer also tip their waiters so they keep their wages very low. So, don’t disappoint the waiters as they are also human beings. They deserve some amount from your wallet to support their families. Next time when you are visiting a restaurant you must have to tip them because they are the ones who never ask for more money.

Daily Wages:

In Pakistan, most of the restaurants have daily wages system to minimize their expenses. So, mostly those persons work in such restaurants who are needy. Their daily wages are not enough to support their families so they always expect the visitors to tip them. No restaurant allows their waiters to ask for a tip but still, they are expecting from you. Next time when you visit a restaurant you must have to meet their expectations.


Waiters are from that working-class who are not working for becoming rich but they are struggling to meet their basic necessities. They also have families and their families also have dreams and they sometimes work for some extra hours to fulfill the dreams of their families. So, when you will give some extra money as a tip they will be able to gather extra money to fulfill the dreams of their family.

Being a Waiter Means To Do Extra work:

When it comes to waiters, their work is not limited to serving their customers but they also do other work that is not their responsibility. Some customers not only ask for packing their food after dine-in but also ask them to take their food to their cars. This is not their duty but still, they never say no to customers so they must be paid some extra for their extra services.

It’s Their Right:

Ethically it’s your responsibility to pay 20 to 30 rupees as a tip to waiters for their extra services like cleaning your table etc. There is nothing free but still, they serve even if you don’t pay they never mind. So when they are giving extra service to you then it’s their right to get some money as a tip from you.

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It’s not their fault that food is not good because they are not preparing. They also face annoying people who shout at them but still they keep smiles on their faces. So, it is your responsibility to treat them well. And if you ask about the tipping then these are the most common 5 Reasons You Should Tip Waiters in Pakistan.


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