Winter is coming and like every year the most awaited festival, Amanah Mall Winter Fest 2022 is now being celebrated at Amanah Mall Lahore. Visit Amanah Mall for shopping, and dine-in and get a chance to win special prizes too. There are many games that you can play while visiting this place. So, bring your families to this place for fun, entertainment, food, and shopping. This is the most awaited festival in Model town Lahore which only comes in the month of December. So, don’t miss this chance to bring your family for entertainment and food.

Amanah Mall Winter Fest 2022

What can I find at Amanah Mall Winter Fest 2022? This is the most asked question by people. This event is specially organized for the food and shopping lover. You will also find entertainment while having delicious food. The best thing about this event is that you can avail special discount from here. So, what will you get at this event are discussed as follows.

Amanah Mall Winter Fest 2020

  • Special Discount:
  • Food Stalls:
  • Live Bonfire:
  • Live Music Performance:
  • Puppet Show:
  • Games:

Amanah Mall Winter Fest Discounts:

At Amanah mall, you can get a special discount through Amanah Mall Winter Fest Discounts. From shopping to food, and food to games, everything is available at special discounted prices. Avail special discount by visiting Amanah during the month of December.

Amanah Mall Winter Fest 2020 2

Food Stalls:

So, the next thing that you will find at this place is that you can find the best food from the special food stalls which is only available during winters. There is a number of foods that will only available during the winter fest. So, visit this place because they also have a variety of food including Tandoori Chai, etc.

Amanah Mall Winter Fest Bonfire

Live Bonfire:

The cool winter nights are incomplete without a bonfire. This place is offering a free live bonfire that you can enjoy through visiting this place. So, this is the best time to bring your loved one to this place to enjoy your cup of tea while enjoying a bonfire.

Amanah Mall Winter Fest 2020 1

Amanah Mall Live Music Performance:

You can also enjoy Amanah Mall’s live music performance during winter fest 2022. There will be renowned singers who will perform live during winter fest 2022. So, check either your favorite singer is coming or not?

Puppet Show:

During winter fest, they also call the puppet show performers to entertain their beloved visitors. So, if you are also a puppet show lover then you can visit Amanah Mall to enjoy the live performance.

Amanah Mall Winter Fest 2020 3


Winter fest is incomplete without games. So, you will also find a number of games to win competitions during Amanah Mall Winter Fest 2022. Bring your kids because this is a great chance for entertainment and fun.

If you want to get more details about Amanah Mall Winter Fest 2022 then you can stay with us on this website. We will also share the other details like restaurants special deals and discounts through this website. You can also do comment on this page and get your questions answered by our professional about this fest.


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