In the walled city, you will find many famous places but now we are just talking about Arif Chatkhara House. Arif Chatkhara is a Family Restaurant that ensures their customer provide quality food. They just use pure ingredients along with a pleasant atmosphere. When you want meat in a new way and with better spices, you must visit this place. At this place, you will find many of tasty food for the customers. Now just bring your love fun with you and then have the tasty food from this place. See the complete menu card and rates from the below side.

Arif Chatkhara House

As they have opened their branches in many places of Lahore but still the most famous one is their walled city branch. Whenever you visit this place you will find that they cooked food on a big tawa with a lot of spices. Now make sure to see the details of the menu card from here.

Arif Chatkhara  Menu Card:

You can see the menu card from here. You will find that they have a lot of dishes on their menu. But still, their chicken tawa piece is the famous one. As the rates are very reasonable so you can order many possible dishes from here. Bring your desi lover friend and then give them a treat.

Arif chatkhara menu

Arif Chatkhara Specialty:

Want to see what special kind of food they have then you will be amused that all the foods available at this place or all special food. Order any of the items from their menu card and then you will surely appreciate the spices and the taste they have in their food.

ACH specialty

Arif Chatkhara Contact Number:

The number is shared here for you guys.

0321 4916479

Arif Chatkhara Address:

See the address of the restaurant below side.

Taxali Gate Rd, Shahi Mohallah Walled City of Lahore, Lahore, Punjab

Arif Chatkhara Location:

This is the link to the location shared for all of you.

Lahore Famous Food

Now just see the best possible details of Arif Chatkhara House Menu Card Number Address Location and much more. Have tasty food from Lahore’s famous food places. This restaurant is one of the best places in Lahore. Make sure to comment to us about the taste of this place.

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