If you are looking for the Best Iftar Buffet In Faisalabad in 2023 then you can check from this website. In Faisalabad, there are thousands of restaurants but only a few of them are offering buffets during the month of Ramadan. We have short-listed the best restaurants where you can visit to make your iftar special. So, you can simply check the list of these restaurants which is not only offering the Iftar buffet but offering the best Iftar buffet in lailpur. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that always book your table before visiting because they have limited seats. For further details, you can scroll down.

Best Iftar Buffet In Faisalabad

As you know in Faisalabad, there are different restaurants which are offering Sehri and Iftar buffet to its customers. If you are interested to visit a worthy place then check the below-given list and visit any of the below-given places.

List of Restaurant Offering Iftar Buffet in Faisalabad:

If you want to check the list of restaurants offering Iftar buffet in Faisalabad then simply check the below-given list. These are the best places where you can visit with your family for a memorable Iftar cum buffet. So, without wasting your time, let’s have a look at the list.

No. Restaurant Buffet Charges Contact Number
1 Sky Lounge PKR 2595 plus tax 0320 8666033
2 Salt’n Pepper PKR 2795 plus tax 0311 1100678
3 The Dynasty PKR 4175 plus tax (041) 8545100
4 Royalton Hotel PKR 2199 (041) 8719900
5 The Lounge By Attraction PKR 1790 plus tax (041) 8724400
6 AlMaida Pizza Garden PKR 1245 0304 1113132
7 Baba Tikkah PKR 1895 0341 1111616
8 Cafe Cilantro by Jammim Java PKR 2,250 (041) 8555587
9 Buddy’s Kitchen PKR 786 (041) 5388169
10 Quilim Restaurant PKR 2999 (041) 8540373

Sky Lounge Faisalabad:

The sky lounge is one of the best buffet places in Faisalabad. During the month of Ramadan, this place also offers an Iftar buffet to its customers. So, those who are interested to check Sky Lounge Faisalabad Iftar Buffet can check the complete details from here. You can visit this place with your friends or family to make your iftar special.

Sky Lounge Faisalabad Birthday Celebration

Salt N Pepper Faisalabad:

When it comes to Best Iftar Buffet In Faisalabad, you can never ignore Salt N Pepper Faisalabad because this place is also offering the best deals during Ramadan. So, if you are interested to check the detail of its latest deals, then simply check it from this website. We are sharing the complete detail of Salt N Pepper Faisalabad that you can check from here.

Salt And Pepper Faisalabad Pictures 1

The Dynasty Restaurant:

The first place where you can make your iftar special is The Dynasty Restaurant Faisalabad. This place is offering one of the best Ramadan Deals in Faisalabad. So, if you are interested to visit this place for Iftar cum dinner then simply check their detail by visiting the main page of this restaurant.

The Dynasty Iftar Buffet

Royalton Hotel Faisalabad:

The famous Royalton Hotel Faisalabad is hosting an Iftar cum dinner buffet. People who are interested in the Iftar cum dinner buffet can visit the Royalton hotel to try its yummiest food. They are offering this buffet for 2199 plus tax. So, don’t miss this offer.

Royalton Hotel Iftar Buffet

The Lounge Faisalabad:

There is another place that is offering one of the best Iftar cum dinner buffet to its customer is The Lounge Faisalabad. This place has a variety of dishes on its menu that you will surely love to eat from this restaurant.

The Lounge By Attraction Pics

Baba Tikkah Shop:

The famous BBQ restaurant of Faisalabad the Baba Tikkah shop is offering iftar cum dinner buffet too. So, if you are interested in a delicious iftar cum dinner buffet then, you have to check its iftar cum dinner buffet menu with price.

Baba Tikka Iftar Buffet

Quilim Restaurant:

Quilim restaurant is also surprising its customers through its Iftar cum dinner buffet. So, if you love to eat food from Quilim restaurant then, you can reserve a seat at Quilim restaurant Faisalabad. We are also sharing its complete buffet menu too.

Quilim Iftar Buffet 2023

Oriental Restaurant:

Another best place for an Iftar buffet in Faisalabad is Oriental Restaurant Faisalabad. This place is famous for its lunch and dinner buffet and when the month of blessing arrives they introduce Sehri and Iftar buffets. You can visit this place to try one of the yummiest buffet in town.

Oriental Restaurant

Silver Spoon:

The Silver Spoon Faisalabad is also offering an Iftar cum buffet to those who are looking for the best Iftar deals in Faisalabad. You can check its Iftar buffet menu and can reserve your table. The seats are limited so you have to reserve your seat before visiting this place.

Silver Spoon Iftar Deals

Nando’s Faisalabad:

This place is not offering a buffet but offers different Iftar platters to its customers. So, if you are interested to check the details of Nando’s Faisalabad Iftar platter then you can check from here. On the below side, we have shared the complete detail of their iftar platter.

Best Sehri Deals in Faisalabad

This is the list of the Best Iftar Buffet In Faisalabad in 2023. If you know any other best place and want to share with other foodies then simply do comment. We will surely update this list as soon as possible.

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