Only foodies and travelers can tell that no fish can beat trout fish in taste and that is the only reason that people travel to swat to try this fish. We are sharing Best Restaurant in Swat for Trout Fish for those foodies who are going to visit this beautiful place for trout fish.  The trout fish of Pakistan is the fish of freshwater that can only be found in the northern areas of Pakistan. There are two different species of this fish including brown trout which is also known as Salmo trutta, and rainbow trout or Oncorhynchus mykiss. Both fishes have a very unique taste and have several benefits for the human body. You can find both types of Trout fish in Swat. Now the point is which restaurant is famous for trout fish in Swat? The answer is available on the below side. Scroll down, and check the answer.

Best Restaurant in Swat for Trout Fish

Swat is one of the most attractive tourist places in Pakistan. You can also find trout fish at this place too. So, if you are a food lover then today we will share some of the best restaurants or points from where you can get the best trout fish in Swat.

Best Restaurant in Swat for Trout Fish

Best Restaurants to eat Trout Fish in Swat:

We have prepared a list of places from where you can get the best trout fish in Swat Pakistan. So, simply scroll down and check the places which are famous for freshwater trout fish in Pakistan.

Trout Fish Madyan Swat:

When you are in Swat, you must have to visit Madyan Trout fish farm for the best quality trout fish. There are several Dhaba style restaurants located on the bunch of Swat river which is offering fresh trout. One of the best places for trout is trout fish farm madyan.

Govt Trout Fish Farm and Training center:

From its name you may not guess that this is also a restaurant too. You can visit this place and can find the fresh trout fish from freshwater and can get it cooked in front of your eyes. Must visit this place if you really want to enjoy the real taste of trout.

Chail Trout Park:

This is also one of the best places in Swat for Trout fish. If you want to get the complete details of this restaurant then you can simply open the main page of this website and search for this place. You will also get their menu with prices too.

Himalaya trout fish Farm and Restaurant:

You can visit Himalaya trout fish farm and restaurant to try the best quality fried trout fish in Swat. You can also get the meat of the fish if you want to cook by yourself from this place.

Taj Mahal Hotel Mingora:

This place is also famous for the best quality trout fish. Before making a visit to this place, you can visit the main page or this restaurant and can find either the place is offering trout or not because they don’t serve this fish 24/7.

Saleem Trout Fish Farm Bishband:

A place where you can find tasty and fresh organic trout fish. Just visit Saleem Trout for the organic Fish Farm Bishband. They have their own spices that make the food really yummy. You guys can call on the numbers and then can ask for the availability of the fish. The contact number is +92 344 3000610. For other fish details, you may ask in the comment section.

Cafe Akbari Swat 

This is the complete information of the Best Restaurant in Swat for Trout Fish that you can check from here. There are also many other restaurants where you can find this fish. In case, if you have any questions or facing any problem finding these places then you can simply ask through comments. We have also shared the complete details of these restaurants of Swat that you can check from the main page of the Menuprices website. We also encourage our readers to share their experiences of restaurants. So, if you want to share your honest experience at any place then you are welcome to share your honest review.

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