With a population of nearly 11.13 million, Lahore stands out as Pakistan’s most versatile and renowned city. The food of Lahore is a unique blend of local and international flavors, reflecting the city’s diverse culinary influences. It is paved with various eateries, among which Gulberg Lahore restaurants are especially famous for their excellent quality food that leaves you wanting more. Some of the best restaurants in Gulberg Lahore are renowned for their traditional Pakistani cuisine, including biryanis, curries, and grilled meats.

5 Best Restaurants in Gulberg Lahore

People who are looking for the best dining place in Gulberg can find the complete list. Some of these restaurants are famous for their finger-licking taste while others are famous for their ambiance. You can check the below list and can decide about visiting these places.

List of 5 Best Restaurants in Gulberg Lahore

Here are some of the best restaurants in Gulberg Lahore.

El Momento:

El Momento is topping the list of best restaurants in Gulberg Lahore renowned for its ambiance and mouth-watering steak dishes. The restaurant offers an excellent ambiance with cozy interiors and soothing background music that compliments the dining experience. Some of the most popular steak dishes that restaurant offer are T-bone, Rib-eye, and Filet Mignon.

The customer service of El Momento is excellent whether you want to reserve a table or make complaints, and the staff is well-mannered and dressed to perfection.

So if you are a steak lover and want to experience some juicy steak dishes with friends and family, then El Momento is the best place to visit.

Location: Building 43-L2, Ground floor, Mini Market, MM Alam Rd, Block L Gulberg 2, Lahore, Punjab 54000

Coco Cubano Gulberg:

Coco Cubano Gulberg

Coco Cubano is a popular café and restaurant located in Gulberg, Lahore. It is a lively and vibrant spot that offers an extensive menu of food and drinks, making it a great place to visit for brunch, lunch, dinner, or even just a quick coffee.

The décor of Coco Cubano is a mix of modern and vintage, with bright colors and comfortable seating. The ambiance is relaxed and casual, making it a great spot to catch up with friends, work on your laptop, or enjoy delicious food and drinks.

One of the standout features of this restaurant is its comprehensive menu of food and drinks. The restaurant offers various dishes catering to different tastes and dietary requirements. Whether you’re a fan of Mexican food, Italian cuisine, or just classic American fare, there is something on the menu for you.

Location: 14-C 1 MM Alam Rd, Block C1 Block C 1 Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab


Sumo Gulberg

Sumo is one of the popular Japanese restaurants in Gulberg Lahore that serves only Japanese Dishes. The restaurant offers a great ambiance, and the customer service is excellent. You will welcome with complimentary drinks or dessert.

The restaurant offers a various range of dishes which include maki rolls, nigiri, and sushi. Their signature dish is a spicy salmon roll.

So if you are looking for the best Japanese restaurant in Gulberg Lahore where you can enjoy the best Japanese food with friends and family, then this place is best to visit.

Location: 57-L, Off M.M Alam Road, Gulberg II, Lahore

Urban Kitchen:

Urban Kitchen Gulberg Lahore

Urban Kitchen is a trendy restaurant located in the bustling neighborhood of Gulberg in Lahore, Pakistan. The restaurant is famous for its contemporary ambiance, delicious food, and excellent service.

The ambiance at Urban Kitchen is chic and modern, featuring sleek designs, elegant lighting, and comfortable seating. The atmosphere is lively and inviting, making it the perfect place to enjoy a meal with friends or family.

The menu at Urban Kitchen offers a wide variety of dishes, including classic Pakistani cuisine and international dishes with a modern twist. Some of the most popular dishes include the butter chicken, beef stroganoff, and the crispy chicken burger.

Location: Opposite Mall 1, Main Boulevard, Gulberg , Lahore (opp. Mocca 95 D Gulberg 3, opposite Mall 1, opp. Mocca, Block D1 Gulberg, Lahore, Punjab 54000

Salt’n Pepper Village:

Salt N Pepper Village Menu

The restaurant offers an extensive menu that features a variety of local and international dishes, ranging from spicy curries to succulent steaks and everything in between. Some of the most popular dishes at Salt n Pepper Village include the traditional Lahori chargha, succulent barbeque platters, and mouth-watering biryanis.

The restaurant’s decor is inspired by Pakistani village life, featuring rustic wooden furniture, thatched roofs, and traditional artwork adorning the walls. The ambiance is warm and welcoming, and the staff is friendly and hospitable, making the dining experience at Salt n Pepper Village truly memorable.

Location: B-103 MM Alam Rd, Block B2 Block B 2 Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab


Gulberg Lahore is known for its diverse range of culinary options. We are listing top five best restaurants in Gulberg Lahore. Each of these restaurants offers a unique dining experience with a variety of delicious dishes to choose from. Whether you are looking for traditional Pakistani cuisine or international flavors, these restaurants have something for everyone. From the elegant ambiance to the attentive service and exceptional food quality, these top five restaurants are sure to satisfy your taste buds and leave a lasting impression. So, if you are in Gulberg Lahore and looking for a memorable dining experience, be sure to check out one of these top-rated restaurants.

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