Bubble tea is a tea-based beverage that began in Taiwan in the mid of 1980s. Now the Bubble Tea In Lahore has also started its service. It is most generally comprises of tea joined by chewy custard balls.  It tends to be made with different garnishes also. The tea has many other names like boba, Peal milk tea, and also Boba tea and Tapioca tea. You might have this bubble tea hot or cold, the choice is all yours. The main ingredients are as same as a simple tea. But the special thing that is used in bubble tea is tapioca chew balls. Have a look at the restaurants offering bubble tea in Pakistan.

Bubble Tea In Lahore

A well-decorated beverage having the beautiful pearls sit at the bottom. When you see the drink then your mouth will definitely fill with water. The pearls are not self dissolvable so you have to chew them which makes them unique and tasty. Now look at the list and then must visit these places.

List of Restaurants Offering Boba Tea:

As we all know that Boba tea is a very unique concept in Pakistan. So a few restaurants have started this service. If you haven’t tasted it yet then what are you waiting for just visit any of the restaurants and have a sip of Bubble tea with your partner.

  1. Tattle Tea House
  2. Mo’s Games & Bubble Tea Bar
  3. CP Five Star

Tattle Tea House:

Fill your cup with both things at the same time. One is the taste and the other is the freshness. At this pace different kind of flavored teas are available that is not be seen at any of the other places. When you must refresh your mood and improve your day then must have to visit this place and have bubble tea. For a refreshing cup, visit the Tattle Teahouse outlet.

bubble tea

Mo’s Games & Bubble Tea Bar:

The other place where you can enjoy Boba tea is Mo’s Games & Bubble Tea Bar. Fabulous bubble tea is also available for your onsite and offsite events. If you wish to welcome guests at your wedding with bubble tea or to have bubble tea as an option for your conference delegates. Enjoy the games while having a bubble teacup in your hands.

CP Five Star:

The first restaurant in Pakistan to have Bubble tea. The Buba Tea is made from Fresh Milk, Real Tea & Bubbles made from Natural starch. You can just enjoy it and available at all outlets.

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Here we have shared the details about Bubble Tea In Lahore and much more. Some of the restaurants have offered such kinds of Buba tea or bubble tea. If you know some other restaurants having such a lovely beverage then you can share it with us in the comment section. We will surely update the information for others.

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