We know that all of you want to know about Butt Karahi Recipe. As when the name Karahi comes to mind then there is only brand Butt Karahi. In Pakistan, there is no other comparison of Butt Karahi. That’s why all of you want to know about the recipe. So here we are going to reveal the secrete of Butt karahi. After knowing the recipe, you all can cook the same taste in your home. So stay with us and check the below side for the complete recipe.

Butt Karahi Recipe

Some of the basic ingredients are used to cook the tasty Karahi. But what are the secrete spices that make Karahi a special one? Now we are sharing some of the easy steps to make the special Karahi on your own. Just see the details from here and then try at your home.

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Real Butt Karahi:

As there are people who just want to know the real place from where you can eat the Butt Karahi.  Here we are sharing the complete list of Butt Karahi outlets in Pakistan. Hundreds of café just open with the same name. But Lakshmi Chowk Butt Karahi is the real one. So make your own and then don’t visit any fake restaurant.

butt karahi

Butt Karahi Real Recipe:

Now to know the real recipe you have to see the below side. You can take any kind of meat item. It could be chicken, lamb, or mutton. Then use Ghee or oil as your choice. Add all the ingredients green chili onion and tomato. After this cook the chicken in it and add all the spices like red pepper salt and cumin. Cook it until the meat cook prepared. Then serve it in cookware.

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Now here we have shared the basic Butt Karahi Recipe for your easiness. Try it at your home and then share your reviews with us. We will surely share your experience with others. In our social media account surely send the images of your own Butt Karahi.

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