People who are interested to avail of Cafeela Ramadan deals for Sehri and Iftar can check their deals from here. This place has introduced a special menu for Ramadan so that people who want to visit them can avail discounted food. This place is offering a variety of food and every dish is worth trying. So, if you want to visit this place for Iftar then, you have to check its Iftar menu as well as Iftar deals from here. Likewise, you can also visit this place for Sehri too and can eat the yummiest food at the best prices.

Cafeela Ramadan Deals

Cafeela restaurant in Karachi offers an Iftar buffet, and Sehri buffet, as well as some Ramadan special deals too. People who want to visit this place for the Iftar cum dinner buffet can check its Iftar buffet menu from here. Apart from this, those who don’t want to visit this restaurant for Buffet can visit them for regular food too. They also have introduced a special menu for Ramadan.

Cafeela Iftar Buffet:

During the whole month of Ramadan, you can visit this eatery for the Cafeela Iftar buffet. They are offering an Iftar cum dinner buffet in just Rs 2250 for adults and 1500 for kids. So, if you are looking for Economical Iftar buffets in Karachi, then, you can choose this place.

Cafeela Iftar Buffet

Cafeela Ramadan Menu:

Apart from their Iftar cum dinner buffet, this restaurant is also offering regular items from Iftar till Sehri. We are sharing Cafeela Ramadan menu so that you can check its latest Ramadan prices from here. So, check the Ramadan menu and decide either to visit this place for an Iftar cum dinner buffet or to enjoy regular food.

Cafeela Ramadan Menu

Cafeela Ramadan Timings:

The opening and closing timings change according to Sehri and Iftar’s timings. So, the best time to visit this restaurant in Ramadan is Iftar till Sehri.

Zeytin Ramadan Deals

You can check Cafeela Ramadan deals especially its Iftar cum dinner buffet from here. We are also sharing Its Ramadan menu so that you can also order regular food from this place too.

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