Today we are coming up with a Casual Food Guide To Saddar Lahore. People who are living near Saddar Lahore can get to know about the places where they can bring their guests for casual dining. We are only enlisting the famous and best places where you can bring your friends or family for a memorable breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Apart from this, we are also sharing some other places like ice cream parlors and sweet shops where you can visit for casual dining. So, check the list of places that are worthy to visit in Saddar Lahore.

Casual Food Guide To Saddar Lahore

Saddar is one of the busiest areas of Lahore and there are hundreds of restaurants and eateries are available. From simple shawarma to a proper meal, you can get every type of food in this area. We have prepared a list of places where you can visit for the best food in Saddar.

Places to Visit in Saddar Lahore:

People who are visiting Saddar Lahore can check the list of restaurants or places to visit in Saddar Lahore for the best food. Foodies who are exploring Lahore can explore the hidden gems of Saddar Lahore. These places are one of the must-visit places of Lahore. So, by not wasting your time let’s have a look at the below-given list.

Paye From Haideri Bong Paye:

If you are a desi person and want to kick your day with desi breakfast then, you can try Paye from Haideri Bong Paye Dharampura Lahore. This is one of the best places for paye especially mutton paye because their taste and quality make them distinct from other paye sellers. There are so many fake Haideri Bong Paye so make sure you are visiting the real one in Mustafaabad.

Phaja Siri Paye

Halwa Puri With Lassi From Kasur Sweet Corner:

Lahori considers breakfast incomplete if they don’t eat Halwa puri in the morning. So, if we talk about the best halwa puri near Saddar Lahore then, you can visit Kasur Sweet Corner because they have the yummiest halwa puri in town. Apart from this, there is no need to visit any other shop to try sweet buttermilk as this place is also serving one of the best lassis in town.

sadiq halwa puri

Lunch At Lahore Karahi Family Restaurant:

It looks strange to eat Karahi in the middle of the day but still, we will recommend you to visit Lahore Karahi Saddar for lunch. This place is offering a variety of BBQ, a variety of Karahi, and a variety of stuffed nan. For lunch, you can try their special Qeema naan either beef or chicken, and can also visit this place for dinner to eat special chicken and Mutton Karahi. This place is also offering Desi murgh Karahi to desi food lovers.

Lahore Karahi Saddar

Biryani from Dhaka Biryani:

In the middle of the day, nothing can beat biryani as it is one of the yummiest dishes in Pakistan. If we talk about the best biryani near Saddar then, you have to travel a few miles to visit Dhaka biryani. Travel is worth it if you will get the yummiest biryani in the middle of the day. You can also order biryani by sitting at home or office from Dhaka Bhaiya Biryani Lahore.

Dhaka Bhaiya Biryani Garhi Shahu

Katta Karahi from Al Qaisar Restaurant:

Some people love to eat chicken while others love to eat mutton. There are also some people who love to eat Katta or beef in Lahore. So, if you are one of those who love to eat beef then, you can try Al Qaisar Katta Karahi. This is less than a 5-minute drive from Saddar Lahore. So, if you really want to try beef Karahi or Beef Tikka then, this is an ideal place for you.

Al Qaisar Katta Karahi

Gol Gappy From Tufail Bhai:

Gol Gappy is one of the widely consumed chaats or snacks in Pakistan. People love to eat gol Gappas but what if I tell you that in Lahore, there is a gol gappa seller who is offering 12 flavors of Gol Gappa? You can eat new flavors in every bite and if you are a true gol gappa lover then this place is not less than a heaven for you. You can check the details of Tufail Bhai Gol Gappay including its address and timings etc.

Pizza Golgappa in Lahore

Ice Cream from Chaman:

Chaman Ice cream is one of the oldest and one of the most consumed ice creams in Lahore. It has many branches in Lahore including the Chaman Ice Cream Saddar branch. So, if you are exploring Saddar Lahore then, you have to visit this place to try its special range of ice cream, ice cream shakes, and more.

Chaman Ice Cream Saddar Lahore

Kulfi from Baba Ji Kulfi:

After having a heavy meal, you can try some sweets and when it comes to the best sweet dish after a meal then, you can try Kulfi from Baba Ji Kulfi. There is the original branch of Baba Ji Shalmi waly famous kulfi opposite Chaman ice cream Lahore. It is one of the most economical kulfi places in Lahore.

Quetta Chai Paratha:

The day is incomplete if you haven’t taken a cup of tea. You can either start your day with a special cup of tea from Quetta Chai Paratha Saddar or can end with it. This is one of the best places for the yummiest tea not only in Saddar but in all across Lahore. Apart from tea, you can also try their different parathas including simple paratha, Allu paratha, and more.

Burger from Captain Cook’s:

So, if you also love to eat fast food and looking for the yummiest burgers or sandwiches near Saddar then, you can visit Captain Cook’s to try their yummiest burgers. Apart from burgers, you can also try other fast food items from this place too.

Those who are looking for a Casual Food Guide To Saddar Lahore can visit the above-given places for a whole new experience of food in Lahore, especially in the area of Saddar Lahore. There are thousands of other places where you can visit for food in Saddar Lahore but we will recommend you to try these eateries in Saddar Lahore.

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