Chaupal Restaurant Karachi represents considerable authority in Desi Cuisine. You can check Chaupal Restaurant Ramadan Deals from here. The eateries serve a wide range of desi food including Pakistani and Indian dishes. Presently there is no compelling reason to go elsewhere in Karachi to attempt their dishes as you can get the genuine taste of all desi dishes under one rooftop. For instance, if you are searching for the Karahi then you can arrange Chicken or sheep Karahi from this spot as opposed to visiting Lahore for extraordinary Karahi. See the other details of this restaurant from here.

Chaupal Restaurant Ramadan Deals

Moreover, you can eat desi dishes that are set up with affection and care. Attempt more than 70 desi dishes at a very lower cost. You can likewise arrange your birthday celebrations and other little or medium festival with them as they permit their clients to make the most of their capacities at this spot. You can try their Sehri or Iftar buffet in the month of Ramadan. Just visit this place and then enjoy the food from here with any of your friends or even with the whole family.

Chaupal Restaurant Sehri Buffet:

Sehri Buffet will start in the month of Ramadan. They have many dishes on the Sehri menu so you guys can just try according to your taste and fill your stomach. Sehri Buffet Menu is shared here have a look on the below side. Per Adults cost of the Sehri Buffet is Rs.999 plus tax. And Kids (4 to 7 years) Rs. 594 plus tax per head. So must visit this place in the month of Ramadan.

Chaupal Sehri Chaupal Sehri Menu Chaupal Sehri Buffet

Chaupal Sehri Iftar Buffet:

You want to eat the best Iftar food or yummy food then you can just go to this place. Taste the food of this place as you can also consider the Iftar as the dinner buffet. So make sure to go there and then enjoy the ambiance and the food.

Chaupal Sehri Iftar Buffet

You can see the details of the Chaupal Restaurant Ramadan Deals from here. Now you will see the other details of Chaupal Restaurant Karachi Menu on this website just click on the link here. Make sure to see the Ramadan Deals just from this website to make your taste buds bless full.

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