Faisalabad is the third biggest city in Pakistan and there are a large number of Christians in this city. That is the reason, restaurants are introducing Christmas Deals in Faisalabad. So, if you want to celebrate Christmas in Faisalabad then, you can visit these places to enjoy discounted food. There is no need to worry if you want to order these deals from home as they are also offering home delivery service in Faisalabad too. The purpose of sharing these restaurants is to help the Christian community to find the best-discounted deals on their special day. So, if you want to check the list of restaurants then, you can check the below side.

Christmas Deals in Faisalabad

Christmas is coming and different restaurants have introduced Christmas deals for 25th December. You can avail of these deals as these deals are not specific for Christians but for everyone. Apart from these deals, you can also check New year deals in Faisalabad from this website too and can enjoy maximum discounts.

Christmas Food deals in Faisalabad:

Those who are looking for Christmas food deals in Faisalabad can find the best restaurants here. These restaurants are not only offering special deals but also offering the best discounts through these deals. So, what are you waiting for? Just check the below deals and order your favorite one.

Pizza Hut:

Pizza Hut Faisalabad is offering enormous deals to pizza lovers. They have also introduced special Pizza Hut deals during the month of December, especially for Christmas and new year. You can check some of the best Pizza hut Christmas deals and new year deals from here and can find your favorite deal.

Pizza Hut New Year Deal

KFC Faisalabad:

KFC Pakistan introduces deals nationwide on every occasion no matter it is a religious occasion or any other. They have also introduced KFC deals nationwide for Christmas and you can avail of these deals in Faisalabad from any KFC branch. So, if you want to enjoy KFC Christmas deals then, you can find the best deals from this website.

KFC New Year Deal

McDonald’s Faisalabad:

Another best place to visit on Christmas or new year in Faisalabad is McDonald’s Faisalabad. They have introduced special McDonald’s deals that will only be available on the 25th of December. Apart from this, they also have special deals for the new year that will remain available from the last week of December till the new year.

McDonalds New Year Deal

Broadway Pizza:

Broadway Pizza is also offering different deals on the happiest occasion of Christmas. These Broadway deals will remain valid till the 1st of January. So, enjoy these Christmas deals for more than a week in Faisalabad. They also have different regular deals for their customers too.

Broadway Pizza Eid Deals

These are the places that are offering Christmas Deals in Faisalabad. So, if you love to avail these deals then, you can simply visit any of these restaurants. Apart from this, we are also sharing other deals and discounts in Faisalabad for foodies too.

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