Finally, the wait is over as Cricket World Cup Deals in Lahore have been announced by different restaurants. Cricket and food are two things that run deep in the hearts of Pakistanis, and when the Cricket World Cup comes it’s a double delight. The thrill of watching your favorite teams on the field is made even better when you can indulge in some of the most delectable dishes. Lahore, known as the food capital of Pakistan, offers a mouthwatering array of food deals and discounts during the Cricket World Cup 2023. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the top food deals in Lahore that will tantalize your taste buds while you enjoy the cricketing action.

Cricket World Cup Deals in Lahore

Lahori love to eat food on every occasion and that is the reason they are going to watch the World Cup while enjoying their food. That is the reason that many famous restaurants in Lahore are now arranging screens for famous Matches like India and Pakistan matches, finals, semifinals, etc. You can either visit such restaurants or order food online and enjoy it while sitting at home. As food delivery apps also offer different deals and discounts, this is the time to avail maximum discounts on your meals.

World Cup Food Deals in Lahore:

During this World Cup, you can surprise your families by bringing them to watch live matches at different restaurants. For this, some restaurants in Lahore are offering World Cup food deals in Lahore that you can avail of while enjoying live matches. Some of these restaurants are also offering home delivery service and you can avail of these offers through home delivery too. So, check and decide where to visit for a live match on the big screen in Lahore.

Gloria Jeans World Cup Deal:

Gloria jeans has introduced a special World Cup platter for two persons for just Rs 2499 plus tax. In this deal, you will get 1 small lotus cake, 2 pieces cold chicken sandwich, 2 pieces dynamite prawns, 2 chicken sliders, 2 chicken wraps, 2 pieces fried fish, 1 bowl alfredo pasta, 1 small chicken fajita pizza, 1 bowl loaded fries, and two cups of coffee or tea. This deal is available on the DHA XX branch and valid from 12:00 pm till 12:00 am daily. So, avail this offer as soon as possible.

Galoria Jeans World Cup Deals

Stone Ove Pizza World Cup Deal:

Stone ove Pizza Vally Johar town Lahore has introduced different World Cup deals. So, if you want to enjoy these deals then, you have to visit Stone Ove or have to order online. They are offering different deals that you can check from their official website and can order accordingly. For more details, you can check the below-given picture.

Stone Ove World Cup Deal

Hotel One World Cup Deals:

Hotel One by Pearl Continental Garden Town Lahore is offering live matches every day from 5th October to 19th November. They are offering three different deals during the world cup in just Rs 999 plus tax. So, depending on your choice, you can either eat desi, fast food, or Chinese food while enjoy live cricket match at Hotel One Lahore.

Hotel One World Cup Deals

Howdy World Cup Deals:

Howdy Pakistan has also announced burger deals for the ICC men’s Cricket Cup 2023. This deal is only available for dine-in so visit the nearest Howdy branch and enjoy the best burgers during live matches. They have also arranged screens for live matches.

Howdy World Cup Deals

El Momento World Cup Platter:

Enjoy live World Cup matches on big screens while enjoying the scrumptious meals at El Momento Lahore. They have introduced a World Cup special platter for foodies and cricket lovers for just RS 4499. In this platter, you will get Beef Steak, Chicken steak, Mongolian chicken, and much more. For more details, you can visit the restaurant and can simply avail of this offer.

El Momentao World Cup Deal

KFC Lahore World Cup Deals:

KFC is also offering world cup 2023 deals on all of its branches including Lahore branches. So, those who want to enjoy KFC during this world cup then, you can visit any of KFC branch as some of its branches are also offering live screening during this world cup.

KFC World Cup Deals

McDonald’s Lahore World Cup Deal:

McDonald’s Pakistan is also offering world cup deals during ICC Men’s Cricket world cup 2023. During this world cup, you can double the enjoyment of cricket matches with McDonald’s special deals. In their world cup special deal, you will get three burgers, wrap, fries, and 1.5 bottle Pepsi. For more details, you can check the below side.

McDonald's World Cup Deal

Pizza Max World Cup Deal Lahore:

During world cup 2023, Pizza Max has announced different discounted deals. So, if you love to eat pizza while watching live matches then, pizza max is a perfect option for you. You can check their discounted deals from here and can visit any of its branch for best Pizza deals during this world cup in Lahore.

Pizza Max World Cup Deal

So, if you find best Cricket World Cup Deals in Lahore from this page then let us know through comments. There are also many other restaurants that are offering deals and discounts during world cup and we will update those restaurants on this website too.

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