Nowadays you are just getting tired of hearing a single word Inflation. But In the era of Inflation, you can just enjoy ESR Joy Feast 2023. A feast organized by ESR (eat sleep Repeat). Isn’t it the best opportunity for those who want to have fun with some joyful rides and food together? Now here we will describe the complete details regarding how you all can just avail this opportunity. For this, you need to read the complete article. In this article, we have provided you with each and every detail.

ESR Joy Feast 2023

Are you ready Lahore for the best joy feast? The minimal rates you can just find all your dreams together. The rates of the tickets and the rides along with the food is also mentioned here. So just stay with us and then enjoy the fun of your choice.

Joy Feast Rates:

When it comes to the rates then on the day of festival you can just have fun in RS 999/-. In Joyland you can just have fun under rupees 1000. So you guys can take your kids or family with you to have fun together.

ESR Joy Feast

What Will You Get in RS 999?

There is a question that what will you get in RS 999? So we have an answer for all of you guys. In these rupees you can enjoy all the fun you can have in Fortress Joyland.

  • Joyland Entry
  • All the Joyland rides
  • One Savory meal
  • One best dessert

Joy Feast Dates:

Now there is just one thing when this event is going to happen? So the answer is on 5th March 2023 you can just visit Joyland and have fun.

PFA Food Expo

Joy Feast Timing:

So the fun will begin from 9 am to 3 pm.

Joy Feast Location:

As you all know that this ESR joy fun feast is going to be held in Joyland Lahore, But the exact location is shared here.

All the best possible details regarding ESR Joy Feast 2023 are shared here for you guys. Now have fun with your loved ones and then make your day unforgettable. Just comment with us about your reviews and experience in the comment section.


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