Do you know about Food Panda T20 Deals? If no then you need to know that Foodpanda is offering different kinds of deals for T20 world 2022. So, if you are a cricket lover then Support the Pakistan team and win food for your appetite. So, what are you waiting for? Just pick up your mobile phone and then order your favorite food while using the food panda app. Different restaurants offer deals that are valid until you order from Foodpanda. So, when the Pakistan team will win then you can give treats to your friends while ordering the food from Foodpanda. See the further details from the below side.

Food Panda T20 Deals

Famous app Foodpanda is offering different deals to its customers. There is no condition of winning the Pakistani team. You can just open the app and then order the food according to your choice. See the details of the deals and other information from the below side.

T20 Deals 2022:

Here we have shared the complete list of the restaurants to you guys which offer T20 Deals 2022. These deals are only applicable while ordering the food through the Foodpanda app.

  1. KFC
  2. Timmy’s
  3. Broadway Pizza
  4. Dunkin Donuts
  5. Gusto Café
  6. Fuudrockers – Fast & the Foodrius


Foodpanda T20 Festival Deal is presenting you the valuable deals. From KFC Lahore you will be able to get 2 Zinger Burger, 2 Regular Fries & 2 Regular Drinks Only for Rs 672. If you still want to know more details then you can see the complete menu of KFC from the below side.

KFC foodpamda


As you all know that Foodpanda T20 Festival Deal is in your hand. At Timmy’s Lahore, you will be able to get many of the deals. Deal 1is giving you 2 Clucker Burgers, 2 Fries & 2 Regular Drinks only for Rs 499. In Deal 2 you can have 2 Thrill Of The Grill Burgers, 2 Fries & 2 Drinks only for Rs 599. Not only these other details can also available at Timmy’s Restaurant.

timmys foodpanda

Broadway Pizza:

At Broadway Pizza Lahore you will be able to have the best foodpanda T20 Festival Deals. The Deal includes 1 20″ Pizza in 1329/-. The available Flavor is Mughlai Beast. You can see the complete menu card of Broadway Pizza from here.

Broadway foodpanda

Dunkin Donuts:

A place that always brings the best food to you guys. So Dunkin Donuts has many reasonable deals for you. The deal includes 1Mini Pizza + 1Alaska Supreme only for Rs. 270/-. Check the complete menu card of Dunkin Donuts from this place.

Dunkin donuts foodpanda

Gusto Café:

The restaurant which is your favorite one is now offering your best food. Now you can check the deals of Gusto café from this place. Have a look at the menu card of Gusto restaurant from this place.

Gusto foodpanda

Fuudrockers – Fast & the Foodrius:

It’s a super deal as Pakistan’s fate will be decided in the T20 world Cup. Now you can enjoy super delicious and economical deals from this place. Try the newly upgraded menu with the signature products.

fuddrockers t20

Careem t20 World Cup Deal

When you want to enjoy the T20 matches with food then make sure to see the details of Food Panda T20 Deals. All the details and the terms and condition is available for you guys. Further best-Discounted Deals are also available here in the below-given link.

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