One of the best places for Iftar in Karachi is Ghalib restaurant. You can check Ghalib Restaurant Iftar deals as they have introduced numerous Ramadan deals for their customers. They are also organizing buffet in Ramadan for Sehri and iftar. You can also book your table for Iftar buffet or Sehri buffet at this place and can enjoy one of the lavish buffets at very affordable prices. You can also check their buffet menu from this website along with prices. For more details of Ghalib Restaurant Karachi, you can check the below side.

Ghalib Restaurant Iftar Deals

Ghalib restaurant Karachi is one of the best places to enjoy various cuisines under the same roof. This place is best famous for Desi and Pakistani food but you can get other cuisines too. We are sharing their latest Ramadan deals so that you can check discounted offers before visiting this place.

Ghalib Restaurant Ramadan Deals:

People who are interested to check Ghalib Restaurant Ramadan deals can check the complete details of their latest deals and discounts. This place is also organizing Sehri and Iftar buffet for foodies too. You can also check iftar and Sehri buffet menu from here and can decide about visiting this place.

Kolachi Ramadan Deals

Ghalib Restaurant Iftar Buffet:

This famous restaurant is offering Ghalib Restaurant Iftar buffet in just Rs 2290 plus tax. So, if you are interested in a premium buffet then, you have to check its complete menu for Iftar cum dinner buffet. Here is the complete menu of its iftar buffet.

Ghalib Restaurant Iftar Buffet

Sehri Deals:

In Sehri, this place is offering discounted food so that maximum foodies can visit them for yummiest Sehri in Karachi. You can check their complete Sehri menu which is as follows. This menu is also for limited times and can be change at any time without any notification.

Ghalib Restaurant Sehri Menu

We are sharing Ghalib Restaurant Iftar deals, iftar buffet, and much more. You can also ask if you have any question in mind regarding this place. So, comment on this page and get your answers as soon as possible.

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