Havana Terraces Islamabad has introduced special Ramadan deals for Sehri and Iftar. People who are looking for the best places for Iftar or Sehri in Islamabad can visit this place. They are not only offering the best food but their ambiance is also admirable. This eatery is located at a very ideal place so instead of inviting your friends for Iftar to your home, you can invite them to this place.  They will surely make your iftar memorable. For families, they have separate family sitting areas too.

Havana Terraces Iftar Buffet

Havana Terraces is an ideal place for the best food in town. This place offers attractive deals to provide maximum discounts to their customers. During the month of Ramadan, they introduce special deals for Sehri and iftar. You can avail of these deals and can eat more for less. For more details of its special Sehri and iftar deals and buffets, you can check the below side.

Havana Terraces Iftar Buffet:

As the month of Ramadan has arrived, so, you can enjoy the Havana Terraces Iftar buffet from the 1st day of Ramadan. You can check their iftar buffet menu along with the price and can decide about visiting this place. For more details about its iftar buffet, you can check the below pictures.


Havana Terraces Iftar Buffet 2023

Do Havana Terraces Offer Sehri Deals?

People who want to know about Havana Terraces Sehri deals have good news this place is also offering Sehri deals. You can visit this place for one of the best Sehri in Islamabad. Some of their Sehri deals are as follows. You can also avail of these deals through takeaway and home delivery.

Monal Islamabad Iftar Buffet

People who want to avail of Havana Terraces Ramadan deals can check their Iftar and Sehri deals from here. They also arrange buffets for Sehri and iftar and you can check their buffet menu from here too. For more restaurants like Havana Terraces and their Iftar and Sehri deals, you can check the below side or can visit the main page of Menu Prices Pakistan.

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