If you are in Lahore and looking for the best Sehri and Iftar deals then, you can check Haveli Restaurant Lahore Ramadan Deals. This place is not only offering the best deals but also offering the complete experience of the best Sehr and Iftar in Lahore. This restaurant has the best view of Badshahi mosque and Minar e Pakistan that you can experience during the Sehri and iftar. Furthermore, this place has three different types of sitting arrangements including indoor, outdoor, and rooftop so that customers can choose their sitting freely. You can also bring your families and friends to this restaurant for a whole new Sehr and iftar experience in Lahore.

Haveli Restaurant Lahore Ramadan Deals

The Haveli Restaurant Lahore is famous for its eye-catching view. People love to visit this place because it is situated at the very ideal location of Lahore in Lahore Food Street opposite to Badshahi Masjid and Shahi Qila. During the month of Ramadan, this place remains open from Iftar till Sehr and offers different deals. You can either visit this place for an Iftar cum buffet or can visit for a memorable sehri experience in Lahore. For more details, you can check the below side.

Haveli Restaurant Iftar Buffet:

When it comes to Iftar at Haveli Restaurant Lahore, you can either reserve your table for the Iftar cum dinner buffet or can avail of special discounted deals on Iftar. You have the option to choose from different Haveli Restaurant Lahore Iftar Deals and can get the best discount on your food from this place. We are also sharing Haveli Restaurant Iftar Buffet Menu with prices. It is compulsory to reserve your table as this place remains crowded during the month of Ramadan.


Haveli Restaurant Iftar Buffet

Haveli Restaurant Lahore Sehri Deals:

Like Iftar deals, Haveli Lahore has also announced different sehri deals for its customers. People who love to avail of Haveli Restaurant Lahore Sehri Deals can check some of the best deals from here. Like iftar, you have to reserve your table for Sehri otherwise you will not be able to get your desired view in the Sehri buffet.

Haveli Sehri Buffet:

People who are interested in Sehri Buffet at Haveli Restaurant Lahore can check the Haveli Restaurant Sehri buffet menu from here. We are also sharing its other regular deals and discounts that you can check from the below side.

Haveli Restaurant Sehri Buffet

Monal Lahore Ramadan Deals

People who love to avail of Haveli Restaurant Lahore Ramadan Deals can visit this place. Before visiting this place, you have to check Haveli Restaurant Lahore‘s details like its contact number, menu, and prices so that you will not face any type of issue. For other restaurants and their Ramadan deals, you can check the below side.

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