A restaurant who are proud to have the world’s famous nihari food. A royal and taste enrich food that is a favorite of all of Pakistan. They are now bringing you more taste and lower rates in the holy month of Ramadan. They have a variety of meals like Paya, haleem, and biryani so if you want these items in your iftari then have a visit to this place. What comes to mind when you crave a delectable Nihari? It must be Javed Nihari Because they have set up the bar real high when it comes to taste and quality. Now you can see the details of the restaurant from here.

Javed Nihari Ramadan Deals

Desi food items will remain a popular breakfast dish all year round. When in doubt about where to head out for Sunday’s special breakfast?? Then visit Javed Nihari and taste the best pay breakfast.

Javed Nihari Sehri Deals:

Now you can enjoy Javed Nihari in Ramadan from 3 PM till Sehri. Make your Sheri and Iftar flavourful with the delicious menu. There Is no specific time for Nihari. You can surely have Nihari at any time. Nihari lovers this sehri deal is only for you guys. Javed Nihari is now bringing Javed Nihari at sehar o iftar time.

Javed nihari sehri

Javed Nihari Iftari Deals:

As this restaurant has just taken your orders and sent you the food in the month of Ramadan. Just Order Javed Nihari for your special occasions and make them flavourful. Want to order now? Then can call on the numbers that are given here. Ramadan is now ready to shower the blessing of Allah. How many of you have tried Javed Nihari for Iftar? Comment us and then tell us about the reviews of this place.

Javed nihari iftar

Best Iftar Deals In Karachi

Here we have shared the details of Javed Nihari Ramadan deals 2022. The details of the Iftar and Sehri deals are shared here. So make sure to visit this place and then have the food of your choice in no time.

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