Are you guys food lovers? If yes then this restaurant would be your favorite one. They have tasty food that is for the body and even the taste buds. There must be food for the soul and they also have this. Pakistani fusion food at its best is available at this place. Khoka Khola is a restaurant which is located in Karachi. They have the best Ramadan deals for their customers. The Khoka Khola Ramadan Deals are a great deal for the people who want to eat delicious food during this holy month. From Sehri to Iftari time, they have all the tasty buffet items that are just as good as any other restaurant in Karachi.

Khoka Khola Ramadan Deals

The restaurant Khoka Khola is famous for its Ramadan deals which are available only during this month of the year. They offer a variety of buffet items which are cooked with fresh ingredients and served with the best taste. They have several Ramadan offers that will make your day special, starting from Sehri to Iftari time.

Khoka Khola Sehri Menu:

The Sehri Menu contains some of our selective ala carte items. Sehri timings are starting from 11 pm and till the Closing time of Sehri. For this, you can call them or WhatsApp for reservations and or takeaways. They also provide you with the best of the taste and quality for Sehri time.

KHoka khola sehri

Khoka Khola Iftar Platter:

Now you will get the Iftar Platter that has all the essentials from your favorite picks. All the Iftar platter is just for 895 Rs. So you will get Mixed Pakoras, Chicken Spring Rolls, Beef Samosa, Aalu Samosa, Fruit Chaat, Chaana Chaat, Dates and Rooh afza.

Khoka Khola Iftar

Simply Sufi Ramadan Deals

Now you will see the details of Khoka Khola Ramadan Deals 2022. Here we have shared the details of the Sehri menu and the iftar platter at minimum rates. So just go to this place and then have tasty food from here.

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