Have you checked Koyla Restaurant Bahawalpur Menu? If not then you are missing the best food place at the best prices in Bahawalpur Pakistan. Before moving to the menu card let us introduce the restaurant to you. It is the 1st restaurant in Bahawalpur which is offering food cooked in coal. You can say they are the pioneer of Koyala Food in Bahawalpur. This restaurant has many other types of cuisines, in the other words, you can say that they are the all-rounder of the food industry. You can visit this restaurant with your family and even with friends to enjoy a memorable food moment. When you try the food at once then they will surely convince you to come back.

Koyla Restaurant Bahawalpur Menu

This restaurant is offering a great variety of food to food lovers without compromising. This is the main reason behind the success of this place. As the restaurant has become the center of attention for all foodies in Bahawalpur. Must visit this place with your companions to enjoy the food at a very low rate. Scroll down and then check the detailed menu card pictures along with the prices.

Koyla Restaurant Menu Prices:

If you want to check the complete Koyla Restaurant Menu Prices then you are on the right website. In the below section, you can check the complete offerings of this place. You can also check their deals from here. The way of cooking food is really hygienic so you can trust them blindly.

Koyla Restaurant Menu Prices back Koyla Restaurant Menu Prices Front

Koyla Restaurant Platters:

Here you will get the platters of the BBQ and the other items. So there is six platters option for you. From 210 to RS 749 you will get the platters at a much-discounted rate. See the details of the platter from here and enjoy the meal.

1.   Chicken Kabab

          Chicken fried rice

           Rg. Drink

Rs 210/-

2.   Biryani plate

      Chicken Kabab

Tikka Boti

Rg. Drink

RS 350/-

3.   Biryani Plate


1 Rg. Drink

RS 250/-

4.  2-Reshmi Kabab

2-Kalmi tikka

2-Tikka Boti

2-Rg. Drink

RS 550/-

5.   Chicken Handi Boneless

1 Prataha

1 Rg. Drink

RS 300/-

6.    2-Malai Boti+2 Reshmi Kabab

2-Kalmi Tikka


1.5 Liter Drink

RS 749/-

Koyla Restaurant Specialty:

The special item of this place is BBQ. This restaurant always tries to make new food for the food lovers as well it offers different kinds of specialty to its customers. Must check their official page for the pictures of the tempting photos.

Koyla Restaurant Specialty

Koyla Restaurant Photos:

See the pictures of this place, as they have a vast dining area so you can also celebrate your birthday’s here. Make sure to visit this place and then have fun with your friends and family.

Koyla Restaurant Photo

Contact Number:

Call them and then confirm the time by calling them.

0301 8681618


Make sure to check the address of this place before going here, to be safe from the fake place with the same names.

Near Grain Market, Gate # 2, Pakora chowk, Model Town B Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan-063108


Google pin map location is here for you guys.

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Make sure to see about the Koyla Restaurant Bahawalpur Menu prices location address and the number from here. You can freely ask us through the comment about this place. We will surely appreciate you if you will provide feedback about this restaurant.

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