The authentic Arabian food can be found from Mangal restaurant emporium mall Lahore. You can check Mangal Emporium Mall Menu and decide about your order before heading to this restaurant. Basically, Mangal is an Arabic word that means Barbecue. This restaurant is aiming to provide authentic Arabic dishes including Arabic shawarma, gyros, Arabian Mandi, and much more. So, if you also crave Arabic food then, you can visit this place in Emporium mall and can get original flavors of Arabian foods in Pakistan. We are also sharing its other details like their deals, platters, and much more. So, check the below side and get complete detail of this Arabic restaurant.

Mangal Emporium Mall Menu

In the emporium, if you want to eat authentic Arabian food then there is no better place than Mangal Emporium Mall. This place is offering a variety of Arabic food including shawarma, Gyro, Dajaj Tikka, Kebabs, and much more. You can check its complete menu from the below side along with its prices.

Mangal Emporium Menu:

The Mangal restaurant is offering a variety of BBQ, Shawarma, Gyro, Burgers, and fried chicken. You can check the complete Mangal Emporium Menu with prices from the below-given pictures. These are the menu card pictures of Mangal restaurant Emporium.

Mangal Emporium Mall Menu


The Mangal Emporium is offering different deals including family broast deals, broast buckets, and much more. As per your requirements, you can try any of their deal and can get a special discount from this restaurant.

Mangal Emporium Mall Deals


The Mangal Arabian Kitchen is offering different platters including Mangal platter and Mangal family platter. So, if you are only two persons then, you can try their mangal platter elsewise you can go for their family platter. For more details, you can check the menu card pictures from the above side.

Bil Afiya Arabian Food


We are sharing the restaurant pictures of Mangal The Arabian Kitchen so that you can easily find this place. Here are the pictures of this place.

Contact Number:

Mangal Emporium Mall Number is as follows.



Mangal Emporium Mall address is as follows.

Commercial Area, Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab


Here is the pin location of Mangal Arabian Kitchen Emporium.

These are details of Mangal Emporium Mall Menu, deals, and prices. We are also sharing their other details like their platter and much more. If you want to know any other detail then, you can let us know through comments. For other restaurants, you can check the below side.

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