So guys today we are talking about the Moon Tikka Shop in Lahore. This is one of the famed places in Lahore you can check the complete details of this shop from here. In Lahore, there are many BBQ places but some of them offer the best BBQ. The Moon Tikka Shop is one of them. They have the best taste with the best prices. Those who do not visit this place so you have to try the taste for the one time. This is the recommended place if you visit the place so share the experience with us.

Moon Tikka Shop

Like other BBQ restaurants, this shop is also providing chicken and many other BBQs. You can check the offers of this place from here before visiting this place. You can also find another restaurant on this page. Now you are checking the Moon Tikka menu and pictures.

Moon Tikka Shop Menu:

This shop offers chicken kebab, beef kebab, chicken pieces, and many more. You can check the list of these shop offers by checking the Moon Tikka menu card pictures.


The specialty of this place is its BBQ. For people who love to eat BBQ then this is the best place for them. Try the yummiest BBQ in Lahore. For more details about Moon Tikka, you can check the given menu pictures.

Moon tikka shop

Contact Numbers:

You can also get the home delivery from the Tikka Shop by contacting them on the numbers below.



This is the complete address of this shop in Lahore.

Bahar Shah Rd, Al-Faisal Town, Lahore, Punjab


You can check the Moon Tikka house menu and many other things about the taste and prices of this place.

Butt Karahi Faisal Town

For other best restaurants of BBQ and others, this is the website go and check other restaurants’ details. If you need other restaurants complete so please write the name of the restaurant in the comments then we will be able to write about your favorite restaurant.

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