Those who are interested in discounted New Year Deals in Faisalabad can check the best deals from here. As restaurants are celebrating the new year by offering deals, so, you have to choose restaurants wisely because not every restaurant is worth visiting on new year’s night. You have to choose such places that not only offer deals but offer the best-discounted deals on the new year. On the below side, we are sharing only those restaurants that are offering the best deals on the new year in Faisalabad. So, check the below-given list and find a perfect deal for dine-in, takeaway, or home delivery.

New Year Deals in Faisalabad

The new year is coming and everyone celebrates the new year in their own way. Some people love to visit such places that offer parties and fun while others want to see the countdown in a restaurant. You can check New year celebrations in Faisalabad or can visit the best restaurants offering new year’s deals in Faisalabad. On the below side, we are sharing the list of restaurants offering deals for the new year.

Best New Year Deal in Faisalabad:

Those who are looking for the best new year’s deal in Faisalabad can visit any of these restaurants to avail of discounted food. These restaurants are offering deals on dine-in, takeaways, and even on home deliveries. You can check the list of best places to enjoy new year deals in FSD. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and check the best deals in town.

KFC Deals:

No other restaurant offers as many deals in Pakistan as KFC does. KFC Pakistan has also announced some of the best new year deals all across Pakistan including Faisalabad. Those who are looking for the best deals can visit the KFC New year deals in Pakistan page.

KFC New Year Deal

McDonald’s Deals:

McDonald’s Pakistan offers different deals including regular deals, midnight deals, occasional deals, and much more. This international food chain also offers deals on the new year too. So, if you are interested in McDonald’s new year deals then, you can find some of the best deals on the new year in Faisalabad from here.

McDonalds New Year Deal

Pizza Hut:

Your favorite place for pizza is now offering new year’s deals on new year’s night. Although, you can try pizza hut’s midnight deals but we prefer you to try their new year deals and get the maximum discount from the restaurant. These deals are valid for a limited time and will not be available after the new year.

Pizza Hut New Year Deal

Baba Tikka New Year Deals:

Baba Tikka shop is offering one of the best new year deals with the collaboration of JazzCash. They are offering 20% cashback if you will pay through the JazzCash app. So, in this new year, if you want to eat desi food then, you can visit this eatery and can save 20% by simply paying through JazzCash App.

Baba Tikka New Year Deals

Pizza Paradise New Year Deals:

Pizza paradise is one of the fast-growing pizza shops in Faisalabad. Like the previous years, Pizza paradise is also offering new year deals this year too. You can check some of the best deals below side and can choose according to the number of people. Apart from pizza, they are also selling burger and pasta deals on the new year too.

Pizza Paradise New Year Deals

New Tabish Biryani:

You cannot say yourself a true Faisalabadi if you haven’t tried new Tabish biryani. They are bringing new year deals so if you haven’t tried their biryani then this is the time to try their new year special deals. You can check some of the best new Tabish biryani new year deals from here and can order even by sitting at home.

New Tabish Biryani new year deal New Tabish Biryani new year deals

Food Deals in Faisalabad

So, if you know any other place offering New Year Deals in Faisalabad then, you can let us know through comments. We will surely update that restaurant on this website too. For more deals and discounts, you can stay connected to this website.

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