Today we are sharing some of the best Pizza Deals in Lahore to save hundreds of rupees. As foodies always love to eat Pizza so it is better to know which restaurant is offering the best deals and discounts. We are preparing a list of restaurants that are not only offering deals but offering the best discounts through these deals. As a foodie, you must have to order these deals instead of regular pizza, and in this way, you can save money. On the below side, we are sharing the list of restaurants from where you can get the best pizza deals.

Pizza Deals in Lahore

Different Pizza restaurants are now offering regular deals and discounts to their customers. People who love to eat the best Pizza in town can visit these places because they are not only offering the best pizza but also offering the best deals and discounts too. You can check the below list and can visit any of the nearest pizza places to eat the yummiest and most economical pizza in town.

Best Pizza Deal in Lahore:

You can find the best pizza deal in Lahore from different famous restaurants. As you know the competition is rising between restaurants and every restaurant is struggling to provide the best taste and economical pizzas. Some restaurants have lower prices while other restaurants are offering deals and discounts to attract customers. You can find the best deals from the below-given list.

Pizza Online:

Pizza Online is one of the rising Pizza chains in Lahore. They have various branches in Lahore including Iqbal town and many others. This place became famous in no time due to its tasty pizza and best deals. Many of you may not have heard about Pizza Online but you have to visit this place for the yummiest pizza and the best Pizza Online Deals.

Pizza Online Deals in Lahore

Eastern Oven:

Eastern Oven is one of the best pizza places in Lahore. They have the biggest delivery network in Lahore and that is the reason you can order their pizza from any part of Lahore. Apart from this, they came up with a concept to provide tasty pizza at the lowest prices. So, you can visit Eastern Oven and can order their special Eastern Oven deals for the best discounts.

Eastern Oven Pizza Deals in Lahore


Dominos is offering different deals and discounts to pizza lovers in Lahore. They have one of the yummiest pizzas with original Italian pizza recipes. To attract maximum customers, this eatery is offering different Domino’s deals to its customers on regular basis. Apart from these regular deals, you can also check some of their occasional deals from this website too.

Dominos Pizza Deals in Karachi

Pizza Max:

Pizza Max is offering up to 50% off on their regular pizzas. You can avail of special discounts by ordering Pizza Max deals from any of the Pizza Max branches. You can obtain these deals through dine-in, takeaway, or through home delivery service.

Pizza Max Best Pizza Deals in Karachi

Broadway Pizza:

Broadway Pizza is offering scrumptious pizza at very affordable prices. They have branches in every part of Lahore and you can easily find your nearest Broadway pizza branch from google maps. This eatery is offering Broadway Pizza Deals for customers who love to eat special-priced pizza. You can check different deals from this website and can order your favorite deal from this restaurant.

Broadway Pizza Deals in Karachi

Papa John’s Pizza:

The best pizza can be found at Papa John’s Pizza. This place is offering original Italian pizza in Lahore at the best prices. Apart from this, they have introduced different deals and discounts to its customers. You can check Papa John’s deals from here and can order the best deals from one of the best pizza shops in Lahore.

Papa John's Pizza Deals

Pizza M21:

Another best place for the yummiest pizzas in Lahore is Pizza M21. This place has introduced different Pizza M21 Deals so that maximum foodies come to this place and try their pizza. You can check Pizza M21 Menu from here where you can find the best pizza deal in Lahore.

M21 Pizza Deals in Lahore

Pizza Hut:

Pizza Hut is the biggest pizza chain in Pakistan. This place offers deals internationally and that is the main reason they have more deals than any other pizza place in Lahore. You can get Pizza Hut deals from any of the Pizza hut branches in Lahore.

Pizza Hut Deal in Karachi

14th Street Co. Pizza:

The 14th Street Co. Pizza is one of the best eateries in Lahore. This place is introducing different deals for their customers. So, if you want to avail these deals then, you have to check the 14th street pizza menu from this website.

14th Street Pizza Deals in Karachi


Cheezious Lahore is a newly opened pizza place in Lahore that is offering the yummiest pizza in Lahore. Those who are interested in Cheezious Lahore Deals can check Cheezious Lahore Menu. In their menu, we are not only sharing their offering but also offering their deals and discounts too.

Cheezious Pizza Deals

California Pizza:

California Pizza is offering different deals and discounts to its customers on regular basis. They are also offering some of the occasional deals like new year deals, Ramadan deals, and much more. You can check the California Pizza menu from here in order to get more details of its latest deals and discounts.

California Pizza Deals in Karachi

Midnight Pizza Deals:

Apart from regular pizza deals in Lahore, you can also check some of the Midnight Pizza deals in Lahore. These deals remain available from 10 pm till late at night. Some of these restaurants are offering deals till morning, so, check Midnight deals in Lahore from here and choose the perfect deal for you.

These are the restaurants that are offering the best Pizza Deals in Lahore. So, if you know any other place that is offering the best deals and discounts on their pizza then, you can let us know through comments. We will surely update this list as soon as possible.

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