People who are looking for pizza sizes in Pakistan can check pizza sizes in inches from this website. As most of the people only categorized pizzas on their small, medium, and large but how many of you know the exact size of a pizza in inches? So, today, we are sharing the size of the pizza in inches so you may have knowledge about the size of the pizza on your next order. So, what are you waiting for? Just scroll down and check the pizza chart from the below size in inches.

Pizza Sizes in Pakistan

The pizza sellers’ community is offering the same size of pizzas in different variants like small, medium, regular, large, and extra-large. Sizes are the same in all across Pakistan because of the pan sizes that are being used to bake pizzas in Pakistan. On the below side, we are sharing pizza sizes in inches in Pakistan. So, scroll down and check the complete details of pizza sizes.

Pizza Sizes in Pakistan

Personal Pan Pizza Size in Inches:

Some restaurants are offering personal pan pizza in Pakistan for foodies. Pizza sellers like Pizza Max is offering five-inch personal pan pizza to their customers. So, if you are looking for the personal pan pizza size in inches then you have to know that personal pan pizza is a five-inch pizza.

Small Pizza Size in Inches:

Only few of the restaurants in Pakistan offers personal pan pizza while other offers small pizza. If you are looking for small pizza size in inches then, you have to know that small pizza is a 7-inch pizza. The size of all small pizzas in Pakistan are same that is seven inch.

Regular Pizza Size in Inches:

Different restaurants offer different regular pizza size in inches. Some restaurants offer 9-inch pizza while other offers 10-inch pizza under the regular pizza category. So, check the pizza size in inches before ordering regular pizza from any pizza seller of Pakistan.

Large Pizza Size in Inches:

Like other pizza sizes, different restaurants offer different-sized pizzas. Some restaurants offer 12-inch pizza while other offers 13-inch pizza under the large pizza. So, you can ask size in inches before ordering large pizza from any pizza shop in Pakistan.

Extra-Large Pizza Size in Inches:

Some pizza restaurants offer 14-inch pizza under extra-large pizza while other offers 16-inch pizza. So, if you are looking for an Extra-large pizza size in inches then, it will differ at different restaurants. So, always check the size in inches before ordering any pizza. We are also sharing How many slices in a pizza on this website that you can check from here.

The details of Small, medium, and large Pizza sizes in Pakistan are mentioned on this website. You can check pizza chart Pakistan from here and can order a perfect pizza from your favorite restaurants in Pakistan.

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