People who love to visit Ridan House of Mandi can check the latest Ridan Sehri and Iftar deals from here. In Karachi, if you are looking for the best mandi in town then, you can visit Ridan restaurant. This place is offering special Arabic mandi at very reasonable prices with the original taste of the middle east. People from other cities who love to eat mandi also visit this place because their taste is amazing and their prices are less than any other mandi house. So, check the complete details of this restaurant and its special Ramadan deals from this website and can decide about visiting this place with friends or family.

Ridan Sehri and Iftar Deals

Ridan Mandi House offers different deals and discounts on a regular basis. During Ramadan, they introduced special deals for Sehri and iftar. People who love to visit restaurants for Iftar and Sehri can visit this place and can try special mandi at discounted prices.

Ridan Iftar Deals:

People who love to eat mandi in Iftar can visit the Ridan house of Mandi for the yummiest mutton and chicken mandi at discounted prices. They are introducing special iftar boxes and you can customize these boxes as per your choice. Some of the best Ridan Iftar boxes are as follows.

ridan house of mandi

Ridan Iftar Deals

Sehri Deals:

This place remains open from Iftar till Sehri but takes a break for Taraweeh. So, if you want to visit this place for Sehri then, you can simply visit them for perfect Sehri. Apart from this, you can also order their Sehri platters and boxes from home too. They are also offering some of the regular deals and discounts on their complete menu too.

Urban Tarka Ramadan Deals

You can check some of the best Ridan Sehri and Iftar deals from here and can avail of these deals by visiting for Sehri and iftar. You can also avail of these deals by ordering from home too. For more deals and discounts of different restaurants, you can check the below side or can visit the main page of this website.


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