Want to try the famous dish of Dera Ismail Khan? Yes, I’m talking about Sobat (Painda). There are several Restaurants Offering Sobat Dish In Lahore that you can check from here. This traditional dish is originated from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa including Lakki Marwat, Bannu, and Karak. But nowadays Dera Ismail Khan is one of the famous places for Sobat. No matter you are from Lahore, you will still love this dish due to its unique taste. This dish has several names including Painda, Sobat, Kutema, Chorma, etc. This dish is prepared with chicken or beef curry and served with Salad, lemon, and chicken or beef. People love to eat this taste because it is good in taste. So, if you are also looking for this dish in Lahore, then check the list of restaurants which is offering this dish.

Restaurants Offering Sobat Dish In Lahore

Sobat or Painda dish is a traditional dish of KPK. Basically, the Painda word is a Pashto word which means a group of people sitting together. Sobat is the Siraiki word, which has the same meaning. Originally, this dish was not being offered at restaurants. This was the specialty of wedding wear host and his friends used to make this dish at the end of the wedding to celebrate their happiness. In Mianwali, this dish is known as Chourma, or Katema. While in Lucky Marwat and Banu, this dish is known as Painda.

How to Make Sobat?

The traditional way of making this dish has changed to some extent. When a marriage was held in any tribe of KPK, the person who was serving food gather the boneless pieces of beef in a tray. After the end of the food ceremony, people gather and sock bread or roti pieces in the curry of the beef and then add boneless pieces of beef and mash it very well with the help of a steel glass. This is very yummy when it is prepared with the wedding beef curry. With the passage of time, different restaurants started offering this dish. They have added some ingredients which were not in the original form of sobat. Now the sobat is being made with chicken curry and being served with Raita, salad, lemon, and tomatoes. A single serving is enough for four to five people.

Sobat Dish In Lahore

Restaurant Offering Sobat in Lahore:

This mouth-watering dish can steal anyone’s heart. Its unique taste can capture the heart. Further, this dish gives a chance to gather with friends to eat this dish. So, if you are looking for a restaurant offering sobat in Lahore then there are several restaurants where you can find this yummy dish.

Bannu Beef Pulao Lahore:

The restaurant named Bannu beef pulao Lahore is offering traditional dish Sobat in Lahore. If you want to try this dish, then you can visit this place to try this yummiest dish with your friends. Make sure, you are visiting this place with your friends because a single serving is enough for four to five persons.

Sobat at Bannu Beef Pulao

This traditional dish is new in Lahore and currently, it is being offered by only a few restaurants. If you want to try the yummiest dish then you can visit these restaurants to try Sobat Dish in Lahore. For, restaurant detail, you can visit the main page of this website.

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