The best beef paye can be found from Tara Bong Paye Gumti Bazar Lahore. This is one of the oldest hidden food gems of Lahore that is providing one of the best Lahori Nashta. They have true Lahori breakfast that includes Paye, Khad, Zuban, Bong, etc. People who love to eat desi breakfast can visit this place and try one of the best breakfasts. We are sharing the complete details of Tara Bong Paye Lahore that you can check from the below side. Those who are not sure about its address can check the google maps location from the below side.

Tara Bong Paye Gumti Bazar

When it comes to the best Desi Nashta in Lahore, there are so many options in Lahore. The Tara Bong Paye Lahore is also one of those places where you can visit for the best desi breakfast in Lahore. They have paye, bong, Mikh and much more. For more details, you can check the below side of this article.

Tara Bong Paye Menu:

At Tara Bong Paye Lahore, you can only find desi breakfast. You can check the complete Tara Bong Paye Menu with prices from here and can decide what to eat from this place. It is compulsory to visit in the morning because if you will go late then, you will not find this tasty food.


The specialty of this place is their special desi breakfast. They cook kgs of paye and bong in a single pot and then serve piping hot breakfast till noon. If you are looking for the specialty of Tara Bong Paye then, you can try their special payala that includes paya, bong, mikh, and shorba.

Tara Bong Paye Gumti Bazar

Restaurant Pictures:

Although this is a small place but still it is very famous due to its yummiest food. We are sharing pictures of Tara Bong Paye so that you can recognize this place. Here are some of the pictures of this place.

Phajja Siri Paye Lahore

Contact Number:

Tara Bong Paye Gumti Bazar Contact number is as follows.


This famous breakfast point is located in Gumti Bazar Lahore. The complete address is as follows.

Gumti Bazar, Walled City of Lahore, Lahore, Punjab


The pin location of this restaurant is as follows.

People who are interested in the best food can visit Tara Bong Paye Gumti Bazar Lahore. The best time to visit this place is morning because they have breakfast items. So, if you are exploring Lahore then, you must have to visit this place. For more famous restaurants, you can check the below side or can visit the main page of Menu Prices Pakistan.

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