Meat lovers can visit The Carnivore Restaurant Lahore to enjoy one of the best slow-cooked meat in Lahore. This restaurant is offering slowly cooked chicken, mutton, and beef joints at very reasonable rates. They cook their meat for 10 to 12 hours or slow fire to make it juicy and delicious. Furthermore, they offer more than dozens of sauces as complimentary with every order. So, check the complete menu of this place and visit them for a joyful dining experience. On the below side, we are not only sharing their menu but also sharing their latest prices per gram and much more.

The Carnivore Restaurant Lahore

The Carnivore Restaurant offers slow-cooked meat at very affordable prices. If we talk about their prices then, they are offering yummiest meat from 8 rupees per gram. So, if you want to enjoy this slowly cooked meat then visit them for a whole new dining experience.

The Carnivore Lahore Menu:

Those who are looking for The Carnivore Lahore menu can check its complete menu from here. They are offering baked chicken, baked mutton and lamb, and baked beef joints. If we talk about their rates then, you can check their rates from the below-given menu card pictures.

The Carnivore Restaurant Lahore Menu The Carnivore Restaurant Menu

Deals and Discounts:

The Carnivore Restaurant has very reasonable rates as compared to other restaurants that are offering slow-baked meat in Lahore. Apart from this, they are offering dozens of complimentary sauces and much more with every meat.


The specialty of The Carnivore restaurant is their slow-baked meat. They have meat for everyone as every person has a different likeness. Those who love to eat chicken can eat chicken while others can eat lamb or beef.

The Carnivore Restaurant Lahore

Contact Number:

The Carnivore Restaurant Lahore contact number is as follows.


042 35875555

Address and Location:

This restaurant is located in Gulberg Lahore. The complete address and location of The Carnivore restaurant is as follows.

Located right across Xinhua Mall on Mehmood Ali Kasuri Road in Gulberg III

If you want to check The Carnivore Restaurant Lahore Menu then, you can check its menu and other details from here. We are also sharing their contact number for table reservations too. For more restaurants, you can check the below side.

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