The perfect place for seeing the sunset and enjoying Iftar in Lahore is The Skye restaurant Indigo hotel Lahore. This restaurant is arranging an Iftar cum dinner buffet and you can check The Skye Iftar Buffet menu and price from here. In the Indigo hotel, there are two restaurants including La Messa and The Skye restaurant. The Skye restaurant is for those who are looking for premium food while La messa is for those who have a limited budget. So, if you are interested in The Skye’s Iftar cum dinner buffet then, you can check its complete details from here.

The Skye Iftar Buffet

The Skye restaurant is located on the highest rooftop of Lahore and offers the yummiest food and heart-throbbing view. So, if you are interested in the best Iftar buffet in Lahore then, you can choose this restaurant as they are offering the yummiest food at very reasonable prices.

The Skye Iftar Cum Dinner Buffet:

The best place to enjoy the Iftar cum dinner buffet in Lahore is The Skye Restaurant Indigo heights Lahore. On the below side, we are sharing the details of its Iftar cum dinner buffet so that you can check the complete details before booking.

The Skye Iftar Menu:

People who are looking for the Skye Iftar menu can check its Iftar cum dinner buffet menu from here. They are offering more than 50 items in their Iftar cum dinner buffet. So, check their offerings before booking your table for the Iftar buffet.


The Skye Restaurant Sehri Deals:

Like Iftar, you can also visit this restaurant for Sehri too. Before visiting this place, you can check The Skye restaurant Sehri deals and discounts from this website.

La Messa Iftar Buffet

The Skye Restaurant Timings:

During the month of Ramadan, this place remains open from Iftar till Sehri. For Iftar, this place offers Iftar cum dinner buffet from Iftar till 8:30 pm.

Those who are interested in The Skye Restaurant Iftar buffet can check its buffet menu with prices from here. For more restaurants and their Ramadan deals, you can check the below side.

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