Have you ever noticed that Why Pakistani like Spicy Food? If not then you must have to think again and check the common dishes and you will surely find that our dishes are spicier as compared to Afghani, Arabic, or other similar cuisines. There are several reasons behind this phenomenon that most of our dishes are spicy. There may be thousands of reasons to not use the spices but still Pakistani love to eat spicy food and that is the reason that when you introduce a spicy dish in the rural or urban areas of Pakistan it will be accepted by the people. Today I’ll give some reasons why Pakistani love to eat spicy food.

Why Pakistani Like Spicy Food

If we talk about Pakistani food then normally we are discussing the desi or traditional food. Our Desi food includes Karahi, Qorma, Biryani, etc. Pakistan is consists of four provinces including Punjab, Sindh, KPK, and Balochistan. Two of the four provinces including Punjab and Sindh has spicy traditional dishes while the other two have normal spices in their traditional food. From all these four provinces, Punjab is considering the hub of food and all the dishes including Karahi, Qourma, Tikka, Kabab, etc are spicy. Even some of the dishes which are adopted from other provinces are being served spicy in Punjab and the best example is Mutton karahi. Here are some of the reasons why Pakistani like spicy food.

Why Pakistani Like Spicy Food

Spice Producer:

Pakistan is one of the top Spice producing countries in the world. This is common when you are producing something, you will surely get habitual of that particular thing. This is one of the common reasons that Pakistani love to eat spices because they are the biggest producer, as well as the spices, are very cheap in this country. So, when everyone can afford spices, then it is sure that they will use it in their food.

Cultural Aspect:

The Sub-continent is the hub of spices and both countries including Pakistan and India have some cultural or traditional dishes which are spicy. So, when a new generation becomes mature, they find spices in every dish so they build the habit of spicy food.

Taste Buds:

Pakistani developed spicy taste buds so when they eat something not spicy then they take time to adopt that particular dish. Those people who have developed their taste buds for non-spicy food never love to eat spices at all. This is also one of the main reasons behind this thing.

Health Perspective:

Some of the Pakistani uses spices for health purpose. For example, they use turmeric in their gravies because they have some positive effects against some serious diseases. Likewise, they use coriander or coriander seeds because they neutralized the acidity of the food. So, that is one of the main reasons that they use spices in their food.

These are some of the reasons Why Pakistani like Spicy Food. When a Pakistani visits any other country like Saudi Arabia or other Middle Eastern countries, he always misses the Pakistani food. He always tries to find something as spicy as Pakistani food is. In the above side, we have talked about the majority of the Pakistani who lives in Punjab and Sindh Province. In KPK, they don’t eat as many spices as Punjabi or Sindhi do but still, they eat some spicy. But in Balochistan, most of the traditional foods or dishes are not as spicy as in Punjab or Sindh. You can even compare the Kabuli Pulao which is the famous dish of KPK province has fewer spices as compared to Sindh Biryani or Hyderabadi Biryani. You will always find that the people of Punjab and Sindh province like Spicer food. Whereas the people of the other two provinces of Pakistan like less spicy food.

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