People who are interested to check Winterland Karachi Ticket Price can check its complete details from here. Winterland is basically a project of PAF that is offering -10 degrees even in hot summer. You can bring your families to this place and can enjoy live snow falling, snow sliding, snow games, and much more. This is the first and only indoor snow park that has two branches including Karachi and Lahore branch. There are over 7,000 tons of solid ice in this indoor park where you can do different activities. For tickets price and other details, you can check the below side.

Winterland Karachi Ticket Price

At Winterland Karachi, you can book a 1-hour session and can enjoy live snow-falling zip line, and many other indoor snow games. This is the best place to enjoy snow falling in the hot weather of Karachi and you will surely love this place. For tickets and activities, you can check the below side.

How Much is the Ticket of Winter Land Karachi?

People who are looking for the Winter Land Karachi Ticket price must have to know that there are two different types of tickets available. Their standard ticket is valid for 1 session which is of 1 hour. On the other hand, their premium ticket allows an unlimited stay in minus ten degrees. On the below side, we are sharing their ticket prices and other relevant details.

Standard Ticket Price: Rs 1499

Premium Ticket Price: Rs 2499

Winterland Standard Ticket Includes:

  • Valid for 1 session (1 Hour)
  • Will provide Gloves and Jacket
  • Unlimited access to rides & activities
  • Single entry allowed

Activities in Standard Ticket:

  • Enjoy Ice Park with over 7,000 tons of ice
  • -10 Degree environment
  • unlimited infinity and Tube slide
  • Enjoy Live Snowfall
  • Unlimited Zipline
  • Kid’s play area
  • Take a round of Merry snow round
  • Ice cycling
  • Ice skating
  • Bumper cars

Winterland Premium Ticket Includes:

  • fast track entry inside ice-park
  • free snack and photography
  • Gloves and Jacket
  • Unlimited access to rides & activities
  • Unlimited stay in -10 degrees
  • Single entry allowed

Other Activities:

  • Ice Park with over 7,000 tons of ice
  • Live Snowfall
  • unlimited infinity and Tube slide
  • Take a round of Merry snow round
  • Ice cycling
  • Ice skating
  • Bumper balls
  • Bumper cars
  • Zipline
  • Kid’s play arena

Winterland Karachi Timings:

This snow park remains open from 1 Pm till 12 am. So, book your session between 1 pm and 12 am.

How to Buy Winter Land Karachi Ticket?

You can buy online by visiting the Winterland Karachi website or can book on the phone too. All you need to choose your desired session and number of persons. You can buy tickets by visiting the following website.

Who is the Owner of Winter Land Karachi:

Winterland Karachi is a collaborative project of Winterland and PAF. Farooq Ahmad Gondal is the GM of this snow play area and Sharjeel Saleem is its CEO.

Winterland Pakistan

Karachi Winterland Contact Number:

Winterland Karachi contact number for ticket booking is as follows.

0304 111 7669


Winterland Karachi complete address is as follows.

PAK Museum Near Gate Number 4 Sharah e Faisal, Faisal Cantonment, Karachi.

Winterland Karachi Age Limit:

There is no age limit to enter Winterland Karachi however persons with specific medical conditions, and pregnant women are not allowed to enter.

Winterland Free Tickets:

Free tickets or free entry is allowed for children below 2 years and senior citizens of Pakistan.

Those who were looking for Winterland Karachi Ticket Price can check standard and premium ticket prices from here. Apart from this, we are also sharing their complete details on this website. If you have any other questions then, let us know through comments.

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