Want to check the list of 24 Hours Open Restaurants in Lahore? If yes, then check this list by scrolling down. There is no need to worry if you are feeling hungry late at night or early morning because there are several restaurants that remain active 24 hours for food delivery and dine-in in Lahore. We have prepared a list of these restaurants where you can visit anytime for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. So, check this list and decide which restaurant is open near you, and either it has a dine-in facility or only offering delivery in Lahore. For more details about these restaurants, you can simply scroll down.

24 Hours Open Restaurants in Lahore

There are only a few restaurants that remain open 24 hours in Lahore. So, it is very difficult to find a nearby restaurant that remains active for 24 hours. We have shared the list of these restaurants which remain open even if you visit them at 4:00 am.

List of Restaurants in Lahore that Remain Open 24 Hours:

So, if you want to check the list of restaurants in Lahore that remain open 24 hours then check the below-given list. You can also call on their contact number and can confirm either they are open or not before visiting. Here is the list.

  • Tea 24/7
  • Khan’s Caf Jail Road
  • Mirchu Restaurant
  • Golden Usmania Restaurant
  • Bismillah Restaurant
  • House 266
  • Haider Restaurant and Hotel
  • Sawad by sidique sons

Tea 24/7 Airline Society:

Tea 24/7 is Airline society remains open 24/7. You can visit this place any time to satisfy your hunger. If you want to get the complete menu then visit the main page of this website or directly visit Tea 24/7 Lahore Menu.

24 Hours Open Restaurants in Lahore


Dine-in, Takeaway, Delivery

Khan’s Caf Jail Road:

If you are near Jail road Lahore then you can visit Khan’s Caf to satisfy your hunger. This Café remains open 24 hours a day. So, if you want to check its complete menu then check Khan’s Caf Jail Road Menu from here.


Dine-in, Takeaway

Mirchu Restaurant Garhi Shahu Lahore:

If you are craving for Pizza or Burger at 5 am then you can visit Mirchu restaurant Garhi Shahu Lahore to find a perfect burger. This place also remains open for 24 hours a day. If you want to check their complete menu then check from this website.

24 Hours Open Restaurants in Lahore 1

Golden Usmania Restaurant Wahdat Road Lahore:

This restaurant is located near Muslim Town Mor in Rehmanpura on Wahdat road Lahore. So, if you are near this place then you can order food or can visit Golden Usmania restaurant Wahdat Road Lahore for dine-in.


Dine-in, takeaway, Delivery

House 266 Allama Iqbal Town:

If you are near Allama Iqbal Town Lahore then you can visit House 266 Allama Iqbal town to find the best food 24 hours a day.



Sawad By Sidique Sons:

Sawad By Siddique Sons is a new project of Siddique Sons Catering Services. The main aim is to provide the best quality food at minimum rates.



If you are in Lahore and looking for 24 Hours Open Restaurants in Lahore then you can visit any of these restaurants. You can check the detail of each restaurant by opening the restaurant post. We have shared their complete menu price, location, and contact number.

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