Those who are looking for the Best Sehri Deals In Lahore can check the complete details below side. During the month of Ramadan, restaurants introduce different deals for their customers including Sehri deals and Iftar deals. Lahore is the city of foodies and that is the reason restaurants offer more deals in this city than in any other city in Pakistan. If we talk about the sehri deals in Lahore then you can check the list from the below side. Some of these restaurants are offering Sehri buffets while others have only platters and deals. So, check the complete details by scrolling down.

Best Sehri Deals In Lahore

When it comes to the best Sehri in Lahore, there are different restaurants which are offering a special Sehri buffet. Some of them are offering special platters while others have discounted deals. So, check the complete details of these deals from below side.

Sehri Deals 2024 Lahore:

So, are you excited to check Sehri deals 2024 Lahore? If yes, then you need to check the list of restaurants offering sehri in Lahore. These are the best-discounted deals by the best restaurants in Lahore.

  1. Villa The Grand Sehri Buffet for just Rs 1750
  2. Le Meilleur Café Sehri Buffet for RS 1599
  3. Haji Restaurant Sehri Buffet for Rs 999
  4. Sarcelle Sehri Platter in Rs 5500 for two
  5. Maisonette Hotel Sehri Buffet for 1199
  6. Yasir Broast Sehri Buffet for just Rs 1099
  7. Khan Special Sehri Buffet for just Rs 899
  8. Indigo Hotel Sehri Buffet for Rs 2195
  9. Chandani Chowk Sehri Platter for 2 in RS 1499
  10. La Atrium Sehri Deal in RS 999
  11. Daar Cheni Sehri Platter in Just RS 995
  12. Lal Qila Sehri Platter for 2 in Just Rs 699
  13. Sasha’s Sehri Platter in just Rs 1195
  14. Kuzgan Lahore Sehri Platter in Just Rs 1950 for 2 persons
  15. El Momento Sehri Platter for Rs 1899
  16. Dar’s Delighto Sehri Deal in RS 345
  17. Qabail Sehri Buffet in RS 1095
  18. Cafe Costa Sehri Buffet in RS 1699
  19. Baithak Khaas Sehri Deals starting from Rs 1525


Villa The Grand:

Villa The Grand buffet is one of the most famous places in Lahore for buffets. This place is now introducing Sehri buffet in which they are offering more than 70 dishes in just Rs 1495 plus tax. You can visit in two different slots including its 1:00 to 2:30 and 2:45 to 4:15. So, if you want to check Villa the Grand Buffet Ramadan Deals then, you can check from here.

Villa The Grand Sehri Buffet 2024


Le Meilleur Café Sehri Buffet:

Le Meilleur Café has introduced its Sehri buffet during the month of Ramadan for just Rs 1599 plus tax. On the below side, we are not only sharing their Sehri buffet menu details but also sharing their contact number for table reservations too.

Le Meilleur Café Sehri Buffet

Haji Restaurant Sehri Buffet:

One of the most economical Sehri buffet in Lahore is Haji Restaurant Sehri buffet. This place is offering premium dishes like beef Nihari, chicken kebab masala, mutton kofta Chanay, matar Qeema, and much more in just Rs 999 per head plus 6% tax.

Haji Restaurant Sehri Buffet

Sarcelle Sehri Platter:

Sarcelle restaurant is offering Sehri platter for two in just Rs 5500 plus tax. You can choose from their menu as per the instructions available on the below picture and can customize your own Sehri in Lahore. Sarcelle Sehri Platter

Maisonette Hotel Sehri Buffet:

Maisonette Hotel is offering Sehri buffet in just Rs 1199 plus tax. They offer some of the best dishes including chicken Nihari, murgh channay, qeemapiyaz, purree, and much more. So, check their Sehri menu before reserving your seat at this place.

Maisonette Hotel Sehri Buffet

Yasir Broast Sehri Buffet:

You can reserve your table for Yasir Broast Sehri Buffet because they are offering 40+ dishes in just Rs 1099 plus service charges. For more details, you can call on the below given contact numbers for table reservations or for any queries.

Yasir Broast Sehri buffet 2024

Khan Special Sehri Buffet:

Foodies who are interested in the most economical Sehri buffet can reserve their table for as low as Rs 899 per head. In Khan special Sehri buffet, there will be Alu gosht beef, Chicken qeema, alu matar, Chanay, dal chawal, and much more.

Khan Special Sehri Buffet

Indigo Hotel:

The first restaurant that you can consider for Sehri in Lahore is Indigo Hotel Lahore. They have introduced special deals for sehri including their special Sehri buffet. You can check the complete details of Indigo Hotel Sehri buffet from here and can visit this place for car dining and takeaways.

Indigo Hotel Sehri Buffet

Chandni Chowk Lahore:

Do you know that Chandni Chowk Lahore is offering Sehri Buffet during the holiest month of Ramadan? If yes, then check the complete details of Chandni Chowk Lahore Ramadan Buffet from here and book this place for the family Sehri buffet. They also have introduced Sehri boxes that you can order from home.


chandani chowk sehri buffet

La Atrium:

The La Atrium Lahore is also offering special Sehri deals to its customers. They have a special Sehri buffet for its customers for just RS 999 plus tax. You can check La Atrium Sehri and Iftar Deals 2024 from this website.

la atrium sehri


McDonald’s Sehri Deals:

McDonald’s Pakistan has also introduced different deals during the month of Ramadan. Their special deals are valid from Iftari to Sehri timings. Here is the complete details of McDonald’s Sehri Deals 2024 that you can check by clicking on the link.


mcdonald sehri

Daar Cheeni:

The Daar Cheeni Lahore has also one of the Best Sehri Deals In Lahore for its customers. So, if you want to check Daar Cheeni Sehri and Iftar deals 2024 then you can visit the main page of this restaurant. Here are one of the Daar Cheeni Sehri Deal.

Daar Cheeni Sehri

Kuzgun Lahore:

If you are looking for the best desi sehri in Lahore then you can visit Kuzgun Lahore. They have introduced special Sehri Platter in just RS 1950 which is enough for two persons. People who want to know more about Kuzgun Ramadan Deals can check the details from here.

Kuzgun Sehri 2021

Best Iftar Deals in Lahore

Lal Qila Sehri Deal:

Those who are looking for the Lal QIla Sehri deals can check one of the best Sehri deals in Lahore from here. They are offering a special platter for two for just RS 699. If we talk about their platter then, it includes beef nihari, anda chanay, allo ki bhujiya, and Khameri roti. This place is also offering many other Lal Qila Ramadan deals to Muslims during the holiest month of Ramadan Karim.

lal qila sehri

El Momento Sehri Platter 2024:

El Momento offers mouth-watering dishes in its Sehri Platter to fuel your body for the day ahead during the holy month of Ramadan. The restaurant understands the importance of starting your day with a nutritious, filling, and delicious meal. Their Sehri Platter is perfect for individuals, groups, and families looking to fast together in a comfortable and welcoming environment. You can also advance reserve your table by visiting their website or call at 0311-1100315

Discover its Sehri platter below and visit El Momento for a peaceful Sehri gathering with your friends and family.

Elmomento Sehri Platter

Dar’s Delighto Sehri Deal:

If you are near johar town Lahore or on PIA road then you can visit Dar’s Delighto for Sehri. They have different Sehri deals for their customers starting from RS 345. So, make a plan to try Dar’s Delighto Ramadan Deals 2024.

dars delighto sehri

Baithak Khas Sehri Combos:

The Baithak Khaas restaurant Lahore is offering four different platters for Sehri. People who love to eat mutton can order their mutton Qeema combo for just RS 725. Likewise, those who want to eat Nihari can choose their Nihari combo. They also have a paya and omelet combo so if your partner isn’t as foody as you then, you can order an omelet combo for her.  You can check more Baithak Khaas Ramadan Deals For Sehri and Iftar.

baithak khas sehri

Cafe Aylanto:

Cafe Aylanto is also introducing a special sehri menu for customers who love to visit this place. They are offering special Cafe Aylanto Ramadan deals that are worthy to try in Lahore. So, if you are interested in Sehri at this place then, you can check its complete menu from here.

Cafe Aylanto Ramadan Deal

Sasha’s Sehri Platter:

Sasha’s Lahore is also offering a sehri platter to those who want to do sehri at this place. As you know they offer the yummiest food on regular days so how it is possible that they will not offer good food in Ramadan? They have two different platters for the customers who love to eat their food in Sehri.

Sashas Sehri Platter

KFC Sehri Deal:

KFC Pakistan is also offering the best sehri deals to those customers who want to eat KFC in Sehri. So, if you are looking for the KFC Sehri deals then, you can find some of the best deals from this website. This restaurant is also offering the best discounts during the month of Ramadan. You can avail of discounts on different bank cards like HBL debit cards and more.

KFC Sehri Special

Best Sehri Buffet in Lahore:

On the above side, we are sharing the list of Sehri Deals in Lahore. Those who want to visit such restaurants that offer the Best Sehri buffets in Lahore can check the list of places that are offering Sehri buffets in Lahore. On the below side, we are going to share the best Sehri buffet in Lahore. So, by not wasting your time, you can check the list.

Monal Lahore:

Isn’t it good to have the best food with the best view in Sehri? If you are interested in this then, you can visit Monal Lahore because this place is offering one of the yummiest food with one of the best rooftop views in Lahore. People who love to eat Desi food in Sehri can reserve their table at Monal Restaurant Lahore. We are sharing the details of Monal Lahore Ramadan deals including its Sehri and Iftar buffets.


Oban Hotel:

One of the best places to visit for Sehri Buffet in Lahore is Oban Hotel. This place is offering one of the best sehri deals in Lahore. People who want to check Oban Hotel Ramadan Deals can check the details of its sehri and iftar buffet from here. They are also offering live qawali during Iftar and Sehri in Lahore. So, what are you waiting for? just check its buffet menu and visit this place.

oban sehri

Salt N Pepper Sehri Buffet:

Do you know that Salt N Pepper Village Lahore is offering more than 58 dishes in their Sehri buffet? If no then, you can check the Salt N pepper Sehri Buffet menu from here and can reserve your table. For table reservations, you can pay the amount in advance otherwise you will not be able to do Sehri at this place. For more details, you can check the Salt n Pepper Village Lahore number. You can also check other Salt N Pepper Ramadan Deals too.

salt N pepper sehri

Khiva Sehri Buffet:

Those who are looking for the best sehri buffet in Lahore can visit Khiva restaurant as this restaurant is offering one of the best Sehri buffets in Lahore for just RS 999 per person. If we talk about the dishes then, this place is offering more than 90 dishes in Sehri. Furthermore, all the prices are inclusive of taxes so there is no need to worry about paying a separate amount in the name of tax.

Khiva Restaurant Sehri Buffet

Veranda Bistro Sehri Buffet:

The Veranda bistro is also come up with an exciting buffet for sehri during the holiest month of Ramadan. This place is offering a special sehri buffet from 1:30 pm till Azan for just Rs 950. You can eat maximum food in Sehri from this place at just Rs 950.

Veranda Bistro Sehri Buffet

Cafe Costa Sehri Buffet:

One of the best ways to do sehri in Lahore is to go for a Sehri buffet. There are different restaurants in Lahore that are offering Sehri buffets including Cafe Costa. Those who are interested in Cafe Costa Sehri Buffet must have to know that this place is offering one of the best buffets for just RS 699. For more details, you can check the below side.

Cafe Costa Sehri Buffet

Qabail Sehri Buffet:

As you know, Qabail is offering one of the yummiest Afghani food in Lahore. Those who love to eat a heavy meal in Sehri can visit this place because they are offering Sehri buffets at very reasonable prices. So, if you want to check the price of the Qabail Sehri buffet then, they are offering just Rs 1099. For the menu of Qabail Sehri Buffet, you can check the Qabail Sehr and Iftar deals from here.

Qabail Sehri Buffet

Zafran Sehri Buffet:

Another best buffet for Sehri in Lahore is the Zafran Sehri buffet as they are offering more than 25 dishes for just Rs 750. People who love to more in Sehri can head toward this restaurant to get one of the best meals at the best prices. You can check its Sehri menu from here and can decide about visiting this place.

Zafran Restaurant Sehri Deals

Thalii Restaurant Sehri Deals:

The Thalii restaurant is arranging Sehri for foodies who love to eat desi food in Sehri. They are offering chicken channay, halwa puri, omelet, lassi, and much more. There is no need to worry about the budget as they have very reasonable prices. For more details, about the Thalii restaurant Sehri deals, you can check the below side.

thalii sehri

Wild West Sehri Offer:

Those who are living in Bahria Town and want to eat Pizza in Sehri can visit Wild west Bahria orchard to try one of the yummiest pizzas at the best-discounted prices. They are offering a special discount on their entire menu which is only valid from 12 am till Sehri. So, check their deals from here and order food as soon as possible.

Wild West Sehri Deals

Pataka Boti Sehri Deals:

The Pataka boti is offering one of the yummiest deals in Sehri and Iftar. They have introduced a new menu for Sehri so that people can enjoy their food at discounted prices. For more details about the Pataka Boti Sehri menu, you can check the below-given menu card pictures.

Pataka Boti Sehri Menu

This is the list of Best Sehri Deals In Lahore 2024 that you can avail of these deals till the last day of Ramadan. So, book your table today and visit any of these places.

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