Are you excited to get the details of 24K Gold Chicken Karahi in Lahore? If yes then let me know that there is a restaurant in Lahore that is offering this 24K Gold Karahi. The health benefits of 24k gold is proven and that is the reason people love to eat 24k gold. As Lahore is the ideal place for foodies so how is it possible that you won’t find 24k gold in any dish. People love to eat desi food and that is the reason that this restaurant is offering this gold in a Karahi. So, if you want to check the complete details then you can simply scroll down and can get the complete details.

24K Gold Chicken Karahi in Lahore

One of the most expensive Karahi is 24K Gold Karahi which is only available in Lahore. If you are interested to eat this mouthwatering Karahi then you need to Johar Town Lahore because it is only available in one restaurant. So, check the complete details of this famous karahi from the below side.

24K Gold Chicken Karahi in Lahore

Restaurant Name:

This famous 24K Gold Chicken Karahi is only available at Blackstone the Elite Restaurant Lahore. So, if you want to check the complete Blackstone Restaurant Menu with prices then check by opening this page.

24K Gold Chicken Karahi Price:

This is one of the most expansive Chicken karahi in Lahore. So, if we talk about 24K Gold Chicken Karahi Price then its price is Rs 8000 per KG.

Restaurant Location:

Those who don’t know about the Blackstone restaurant or its location then let me tell you that you can check its location from the main page of Blackstone restaurant that we have shared on the above side. This restaurant is located near Emporium Mall Johar Town Lahore. So, visit this place by checking its pin location from this website.

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So, if you want to know more about 24K Gold Chicken Karahi in Lahore then you can do comments on the below side. We will answer your questions as soon as possible. For more delicious dishes and eateries, you can visit the main page of this website.

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