Al-Fazal Food Gallery is a restaurant where you can take away or dine in real Pakistani food. They serve fresh and delicious regional and cultural food. This place is has a melting pot of flavors serving Pakistani cuisines, Chinese dishes, Continental cuisines, and much more. They have experienced Chefs that have worked for national, multinational restaurants and hotel chains. After a lot of experience, they come from varied cultural & regional backgrounds, together they create a mouthwatering fare. Just visit this place and feel the Al Fazal’s difference where every dish is inviting and every bite is exciting.

Al Fazal Food Gallery

If you guys want to know the menu details of this place then you will find it from here. The place is best for those who want to eat more in less price. So they will never resist visiting this place. Now you can also see the updated menu card from here along with the rates.

Al Fazal Menu Card:

The menu card is uploaded here. You can check the rates from here. They have approximately all the cuisines for you guys. You will get the BBQ items and the continental food. This will bring water to your mouth.

Al Fazal food gallery menu card Al Fazal food gallery menu

Al Fazal Specialty:

Talking about the special food of this place then you will find the tasty BBQ items from here. Tikka items are considered the best and top-selling items of this restaurant.

Al Fazal food gallery specialty

Al Fazal Deals:

When it comes to the deals then you will find cost-friendly discounted deals for your appetite. If there is a lot of space in your stomach then you should defiantly order any of the deals. These deals are enough for two persons.

Al fazal food gallery deal

Al Fazal Kasur Contact Number:

The number is provided here you can call them and then ask for the opening and the closing time.

(049) 2720174

Al Fazal Kasur Address:

For the address, you need to check the below side.

Food Street Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan-55050

Al Fazal Location:

This is the exact Google pin map location for those who have no idea about the address.

Ayub Falooda Kasur

From this place, you will find all the desired information regarding Al Fazal Food Gallery. The menu and the other details are here for you guys. Just check it from here and don’t forget to visit this place.

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