From here you will get the details of Ali Nihari Rahim Yar Khan. Nihari is a Pakistani, North Indian, and Bangladeshi cuisine made of meat (usually beef or goat), wheat shells, large amounts of onions, garlic, and ginger. It is topped with dry fruits powder or some other herbs and spices. Known as the national dish of Pakistan. The food here is really delicious and mouth-watering. People who want to taste their lip-smacking cuisine can order it online from here and get it within a short period of time. Order Now and then have fun with your loved ones.

Ali Nihari Rahim Yar Khan

As we all know that Nihari is a famous dish from the heritage of Pakistan and people from around the world eat it at any time of the day. In Rahim Yar khan though you can have nihari within your reach 24 hours of a day. This has been only possible because one restaurant named Ali Nihari took up this challenge to pursue his passion for serving his city’s savory meal, nihari.

Ali Nihari Menu Card:

Food expert Ali Nihari has a great name in the culinary industry. They have 25 years of experience in making Pakistani food like Biryani, Nihari, Qorma, Kunna Gosht, Kabab, Naan, Tikka, etc. This thing made the restaurant the most popular symbol as a specialist of Pakistani dishes.

Ali nihari menu

Ali Nihari Specialty:

For the special food, you can order tasty nihari or special chicken items. As they use different spices in their food, it makes the food really amazing. Now see the tempting food images from here.

Ali Nihari

Ali Nihari Contact Number:

Call on the numbers and then ask for the food at your doorstep.

Ali Nihari Address:

The restaurant is located in RYK but you can surely visit this place.

12 Jamia Qadria Rd, Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab 64200

Ali Nihari Location:

The link to the location is available on the below side.

Paratha Plus Rahim Yar Khan

Here we have shared the complete details of Ali Nihari Rahim Yar Khan’s Menu card number address and much more. Now the other details of the restaurant are also shared here on the main page of the website. So you can surely share the reviews of this place in the comment section.

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