A restaurant that has Antique Café Iftar Buffet. Now you can sit relax, unwind and appreciate the lovely sights and hints of your memory. While Antique Café has the best gourmet expert to set you up a scrumptious dinner from the best and freshest healthy ingredients. Ramadan is just at your doorstep, This Ramadan Iftar Cum  will Be served at this place. Stay Tuned for an updated menu along with the rates. Celebrate your Ramadan or plan the best Iftar for your loved one at Antique Café.

Antique Café Iftar Buffet

Dig into a rich and delicious Ramadan menu and cue the superlative centers. Refresh yourself with Antique Cafe’s bestseller food. An electric drink that goes perfectly with every meal. So make sure to order the energy drink after Iftar. Just have the food of your choice and appreciate the taste.

Antique Café 2022 Iftar Buffet:

The most antique Menu awaits you. A delightfully satisfying Iftar menu with many varieties made specially to satisfy your cravings and taste buds. Let’s Iftar with Antique cafe’s Delectable Iftar Buffet. You will get the tasty Iftar Cum Dinner Buffet. The Price of the buffet is Rs. 1999 All-Inclusive. Antique Café is considered a crowded place. For Reservations & Booking, you can call on the numbers. If you are on the lookout for a place to spend some quality time with your spouse, Antique Cafe is just the right place for you. Dig into Antique Cafe’s Live Signature Beef Steak torched right in front of you, Ranging from Well Done, Medium Rare, and Rare, Just the way you like it.

Antique Cafe iftar buffet

Cafe Baran Iftar Deals

Now you can see the best possible details of Antique Café Iftar Buffet 2022. A restaurant that has the taste of the town.  If you want to visit this place then can see it on the main page of the website.

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