People who are interested in good food can visit Arooj Food Point Lahore. This is not a restaurant but a food cart that is being operated by an Eleven years orphan girl. She is the older daughter of her mother and decided to help her widow mother. At the start, she started selling Allu channa on a single table but after a few days, she became an internet sensation and became popular as people started supporting this orphan girl. You can also help this orphan by visiting this place and purchasing homemade food. Those who want to help Arooj can check its complete details from here including its location and contact number. For more details, you can check the below side.

Arooj Food Point Lahore

Sometimes, it is our responsibility to help those who take a stand for their families. Arooj is only 11 years old but she has the courage to help her family by selling homemade food. You can check the offerings of Arooj Food Point Johar town from here and can visit this place.

Arooj Food Point Menu:

People who are interested to check what is being offered by Arooj Food Point can check Arooj Food Point Menu from here. Currently, she is selling Channa chaat, Kareem chaat, and soup. You can also book big orders for your corporate events and can enjoy tasty chaat at very economical prices.

Arooj Food Point Lahore

Story of 11 Years Girl Selling Chaat on Road:

When the father of Arooj died, there was no one who can help them. She is the older daughter of her parents and decided to sell chaat on the road so that she can earn some money for her family. Her picture went viral on the internet and people started approaching her. Even the government of Punjab gave a government job to her mother but she is still determined to work for her family. We must encourage such souls because they believe in hard-earned money instead of black money.


This place is located in Johar town near ALLAH hoo gol chakar and its complete address is as follows.

House #2-B, BOR Main Rd, BOR Society, Lahore, Punjab 54000


The pin location of this place is as follows.

Phone Number:

Arooj Food Point Phone number for corporate orders is as follows.

0346 1393727

We are sharing the complete details of Arooj Food Point Lahore. You can check its menu and complete the address with pin location. Apart from this, you can also check their contact number from this website too.

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