Those who are looking for Avari Hotel Iftar Buffet can check all of its buffets along with their prices from here. The Avari Hotel is famous for its luxurious services and when it comes to the food they have well-trained chefs who can cook one of the yummiest food in Pakistan. There are two restaurants including Tollington and Kim’s that are offering an Iftar buffet during the blessing month of Ramadan. So, if you want to visit this place during Ramadan then, you can check their Iftar Menu with prices from here. We are also sharing other details of Avari hotel Lahore iftar deals that you can check from the below side.

Avari Hotel Iftar Buffet

Avari Hotel Lahore is one of the best places to visit during the month of Ramadan. This place is encouraging its customers to come for Suhoor and Iftar. You can visit this place for the yummiest Sehri and iftar deals. We are sharing its Sehri and Iftar buffet which is as follows.

Avari Hotel Ramadan Buffet:

During the month of Ramadan, all restaurants in Avari hotel offer deals and discounts to their customers. They offer a special Sehri and Iftar buffet to its customers that you can avail of during the month of Ramadan. There are basically two different restaurants in Avaril Hotel that offers Sehri and Iftar buffet including Tollington restaurant and Kim’s restaurant. The prices and other details are as follows.

  • Tollington Restaurant Iftar Buffet for just RS 2999 plus tax.
  • Kim’s restaurant Iftar buffet for just Rs 3299

Iftar Buffet:

Those who are interested in the Iftar buffet of Avari Hotel Lahore can avail any of the above-given buffets. These buffets are available only in the month of Ramadan and you can avail these from the 1st of Ramadan to the last day of Ramadan.

Avari Hotel Iftar Buffet

Sehri Buffet:

The above-given buffet is also valid for Sehri too. You can enjoy Avari Buffet in Sehri too. If you have any questions about its buffet then, you can ask through comments.

PC Iftar Buffet 2022

The purpose of sharing Avari Hotel Iftar Buffet is to let our readers know about the offerings of this place during Ramadan. You can visit Avari Hotel and can enjoy a special discounted buffet during the month of Ramadan.

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