If you are tired from old Allu Samosa and want to try something new then you can check Awesamosas Lahore Menu. Awesamosas Lahore is a samosa bar which is offering a variety of chats by combining the samosa with different ingredients. They have a variety of sweet samosas even they have ice cream samosa that you will surely love to try. So, if you are ready to try a new age’s samosa then visit Awesamosas Lahore. This place is locating in Calvary Ground Lahore in CSD. You can visit this place anytime with your friends or family. In the below side, we have shared the menu of this samosa bar. If you want to order from home then you can order by dialing their contact number which is given below.

Awesamosas Lahore Menu

Awesamosas is a unique kind of samosa bar where samosa lovers can get a variety of samosa combinations. They have sweet and savory samosa flavors that you can only get from this place. So, make a plan to try their special samosa or chat.

Awesamosas Menu Lahore:

Awesamosas has a variety of Samosas including Samosa with Ice-cream, chocolate, and much more. Apart from this, they are also serving a variety of chat. So, if you want to check Awesamosas Menu Lahore then check from the below pictures.

Awesamosas Lahore Menu Awesamosas Lahore Menu 1 Awesamosas Lahore Menu 2 Awesamosas Lahore Menu 3 Awesamosas Lahore Menu 4 Awesamosas Lahore Menu 5


The specialty of Awesamosas is their special combination of Samosa with different ingredients. Their most famous combination is samosa with ice-cream. Must try their special Samosa combinations.

Awesamosas Lahore Specialty

Why Awesamosas Lahore Is not Offering Burgers?

Those who are asking the question that why Awesamosas Lahore is not offering burgers anymore must have to know that they have created a new eatery under the name of just Burgers. If you want to try special burgers then you can try burger from Just Burgers Lahore.

Restaurant Pictures:

Awesamosas Lahore Pictures

Contact Number:

Those who are looking for the Awesamosas Cavalry Ground Lahore contact number can check from the below side. Here is the contact number of this place.



This place is located in CSD Calvary ground Lahore. Here is the complete address of this place.

0161 Link 4, Cavalry Ground, Lahore, Punjab


Melt Lahore Menu

You can also find this place by using the above google maps location. So, if you want to check more details about Awesamosas Lahore Menu then you can visit this place or can call on their contact number.

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