If you are looking for the Best Beef Pulao In Lahore then you can check the list of restaurants that are offering the best pulao in Lahore. There are two types of Lahori including those who love to eat biryani and those who love to eat Pulao. When it comes to Pulao, people love to eat beef pulao because of its taste and juiciness. In beef pulao, there are two types including Kabuli beef Pulao and Bannu beef Pulao. Both are different in taste and the people who like one don’t like to eat the other because of their huge difference. On the below side, we will share the best beef pulao that you can eat from this city.

Best Beef Pulao In Lahore

Lahore is a place for food lovers. When it comes to food, Lahori loves to eat rice in any shape including egg fried rice, Biryani, Pulao, etc. Today we are sharing the details of restaurants that are offering the best pulao in Lahore. So, check the below list and visit your nearest place.

Bannu Beef Pulao:

When it comes to the best beef pulao there is nothing better than Bannu beef Pulao. It is not wrong if we say that this is the top beef Pulao in Lahore. If we talk about its branches in Lahore then you will find its branch in every area. Its most famous branches are in chauburji and Barkat Market Lahore. You can visit any of its branches and the taste will be the same. Furthermore, if we talk about its price then they are charging very economical prices.

Bannu Beef Pulao

Malang Jan Pulao:

The famous Malang Jan Pulao is also serving in Lahore. If you want to eat the best Pulao then you need to visit Malang Jan Pulao. It has different branches in Lahore including the Liberty Branch and Chuburji Branch.

Charsi Tikka Faisal Town:

Those who love to eat Kabuli Pulao and don’t like Bannu Beef pulao can visit Charsi Tikka Lahore to try the best Kabuli Pulao. They have well-trained chefs who don’t only make the best Kabuli Pulao in Lahore but also take care of hygiene and taste.

Charsi Tikka Johar Town Photos


Have you ever tried Noshakh’s Special Kabuli Pulao? If not then, you need to give a try to their special Kabuli pulao. They are serving one of the best pulao that you will surely love to eat from this place. If you want to check the price of their pulao then you can check Noshak Lahore Menu from here.

Noshakh Restaurant

Madina Yakhni Pulao:

Another best place for unique beef pulao is Madina Yakhni Pulao. If you are going to try Madina Yakhni Pulao then it is recommended to try their special Nalli pulao which comes with cow bone marrow. This place also has several branches in Lahore that you can find on google maps.

Nisar Charsi Tikka:

Nisar Charsi Tikka is also one of the most famous places for mutton and beef items. This place is also offering the best Kabuli Pulao in Lahore. You can visit this place and can experience the real taste of Kabuli pulao. You can check Nisar Charsi Tikka Menu from here.

Nisar Charsi Tikka Lahore Pictures

Those who are looking for the Best Beef Pulao In Lahore can visit any of the above-given places. It is recommended to read carefully because some of these are offering the Bannu style beef pulao while others are offering Kabuli pulao.

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