There are different shops that are offering burgers but only a few of them are offering Best Burger in Multan. Selling and making a perfect burger are two different things. Some restaurants have more sales but they are not good at making tasty burgers. Furthermore, it is impossible to try every restaurant because it will take years to try every fast food restaurant in Multan. So, we have decided to prepare a list of restaurants which are offering the yummiest burger in Multan. You can check this list and can visit any of them to try special chicken or beef burger in Multan.

Best Burger in Multan

The burger is not a Pakistani dish but still, it is famous across Pakistan. People, especially youngsters and kids love burgers because they are so tasty. In Multan, people also love to eat burgers and they always try to find the perfect burgers. We are sharing the list of places that are offering the yummiest burgers in Multan.

Best Burger Places in Multan:

There are different restaurants which are offering the best burgers in Multan but, we are enlisting only a few of them. You can check the Best burger places in Multan from this website and can decide to visit any of the below-given cafes in Multan.

O My Burger:

The yummiest burgers can be found from O My Burger Multan. This place has a variety of chicken and beef burgers with special sauces. So, if you are looking for the best chicken or beef burger then this place must be on your priority list. Just check its complete menu and other details from this website.

O My Burger specialty

Burger Station Multan:

Another best place for burger lovers in Multan is Burger Station Multan. They have well-trained chefs who make the best burgers for burger lovers. If we talk about the price range of this place then they have very reasonable prices for such tasty burgers in Multan.

Hungry Café:

The Hungry café Multan is also famous for its fast food, especially for its pizza and burgers. You can check the complete range of burgers and pizza from the Hungry Café Multan menu. If you haven’t visited this place before then you can also check its complete address with pin location from here.

Hangry Café Multan


There is no need to introduce Hardee’s Multan because everyone knows that no restaurant can beat Hardee’s restaurant in taste. They are not only ruling in Multan but also all across Pakistan. So, if you are craving beef burgers, then you can visit Hardee’s Multan or can order by dialing their contact number and can avail of a home delivery service in Multan.

Hardees Eid offer

Masoom Cafe:

The Masoom Cafe Multan is also offering special burgers to burger lovers in Multan. So, if you are also interested to try Masoom’s Special burger then you need to check the complete Masoom Cafe Multan Menu from here.

Masoom Café Specialty

AFC Multan:

The AFC Multan is also standing on the list of Best Burgers in Multan. You can visit this place to try the best zinger, chicken petty, and many other types of burgers. You can also celebrate your events like birthdays at this place too. So, if you are interested then check AFC Multan Menu with prices from here.

AFC Multan

These are the restaurants which are offering Best Burger in Multan. You can visit any of these restaurants and can try the best burger. In case, if you know of any other best place in Multan then mention it in the comment and we will surely update this to our website.


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