Those who are looking for the Best Iftar Places In Multan can check the list of best places from this website. These restaurants are offering special discounted deals to their customers which are only valid during the month of Ramadan. Most of these restaurants are also offering a special iftar cum dinner buffet to their customers. So, if you want to visit the best place for the iftar or Iftar buffet, you can choose any of the below-given restaurants. These restaurants are also famous for their food so that is why we have mentioned it in this list.

Best Iftar Places In Multan

In Multan, there are different restaurants that are offering special deals during Iftar. We have made it easy for our beloved readers to choose the best place for Iftar in Multan city. So, check the below-given list and decide where you will bring your family for iftar in Multan.

Restaurants Offering Iftar In Multan:

In Multan city, you have the option to choose a restaurant of your favorite cuisine. No matter whether you want to eat Chinese, Thai, or Indian food, you can find it in this city. Today we are talking about the best restaurants offering iftar in Multan. If you are interested in checking this list then check from here.

Multan Marquee Iftar Buffet:

Multan marquee is not only offering a Sehri buffet but also offering Iftar cum dinner buffet to their customers too. So, if you are interested in their Iftar special buffet then, you can check their iftar menu from here and prices. They are charging Rs 3200 for the Iftar cum dinner buffet. For reservations or bookings, you can check their contact number.

Multan Marquee Iftar Buffet

Royal Marquee Iftar Buffet:

Royal Marquee Multan is also offering Iftar cum dinner buffet in just Rs 1799 plus tax. So, if you love to visit Royal Marquee Railway officers club then, you have to visit this place in Ramadan. They are offering live bBQ, desi dishes, and much more in their Iftar special buffet. You can check their contact number for reservations and much more.

Royal Marquee Iftar Buffet

Jhok Garden Iftar Buffet:

Jhok Garden Multan is also arranging iftar special buffet for its customers. You can reserve a table at this place and can visit this place for a whole new Iftar buffet experience in Multan. They are charging Rs 2199 plus tax and offering numerous dishes in their buffet. The number of dishes remains the same however they will change some dishes every day.

Jhook Garden Iftar Buffet

Chenab Rutt Iftar Menu:

Desi food lovers can visit Chenab Rutt restaurant as they have introduced Iftar special buffet. In their Iftar special buffet, they offer a variety of chicken dishes, Salads, sauces, sweets, and much more. Their prices are also very reasonable as they are only charging Rs 1199 plus service charges. So, visit them but don’t forget to reserve a table at this place.

Chenab Rutt Iftar Buffet

Shahjahan Grill:

If you are near gulgasht Ave then you can visit Shahjahan grill for iftar. This place is offering one of the best iftar deals to its customers. So, if you are interested to check Shahjahan Grill Ramadan deals then you can check it from here. You can also visit this place and can try Shahjahan Grill Iftar Buffet at a very reasonable price.

Shahjahan Grill Multan

Chinatown & Jade Cafe:

Chinatown and  Jade cafe Multan is also offering one of the best Sehri and Iftar buffets. So, if you are interested in the best Sehri or Iftar deals in Multan then, you can visit Chinatown and Jade Cafe Multan to try the best Chinatown Ramadan deals in 2024.


ChinaTown Multan Iftar Buffet 2024

Ramada Multan Iftar Buffet:

Do, you know that Ramada by Wyndham Multan is also offering different deals to its customers during the month of Ramadan? If you don’t know about its deals then you can check its Ramadan deals 2024 from here and can avail yourself by visiting this place. This place is also offering an Iftar buffet, so if you are interested in a buffet then do visit this place. They are also offering home delivery so if you want to avail of free home delivery then simply call on their contact numbers.


Ramada Multan Iftar Buffet

London Courtyard:

If we prepare a list of best Iftar Places In Multan then London Courtyard Multan always falls in the top three. This continental restaurant is offering one of the best deals in Multan during the month of Ramadan. So, if you want to check its latest deals then simply check from this website.


London Courtyard Multan Iftar Platter

Bundu Khan Multan:

You can visit Bundu Khan Multan for iftar with your friends or family. There are two reasons to visit this place including its tasty food and special Ramadan deals. They are offering discounted deals to their customers that you can avail of by visiting this place during the holiest month of Ramadan. These deals are only valid till the last day of Ramadan.

Bundu Khan Multan Restaurant Pictures

14th Street Pizza:

If you want to break your fast with fast food, especially with pizza then you can visit 14th Street Pizza Multan. We are sharing 14th Street Pizza Ramadan Deals that you can check by visiting this page. Furthermore, they also reduce the prices of their regular menu during this blessing month.

14th Street Pizza Iftar Deals

Zanzibar Restaurant:

You can also avail best sehri and iftar deals from Zanzibar restaurant Multan. This place is arranging a special buffet for Iftar and Sehri. So, if you want to bring your families to the best place for Sehri and Iftar then, you can visit Zanzibar restaurant Multan.


These are some of the Best Iftar Places In Multan where you can bring your family or friends. There are also many other places that are not mentioned in this list but you can visit them. If you want to add your favorite restaurant to this list then simply mention your favorite place in the comment section. We will surely update this list on your recommendations.

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