When it comes to the Best Molten lava in Lahore, there are two questions raised in ones’ mind including tasty molten lava and the cheapest molten lava because different people have different merits for judging things. We have solved your problem as we will share both the cheapest molten lava cake in Lahore and the yummiest Molten Lava cake in Lahore. You can visit any below-given place as per your selection and you will surely love to eat this sweet treat from these places. We have shared the details of each place and you can get that detail by visiting the main page of that specific café or bakery. So, have a look at the below side and check the list of best places in Lahore for Molten lava.

Best Molten lava in Lahore

Molten Lava is very famous across Pakistan as it is being served with ice cream and when it comes to ice cream, people always love to eat after having dinner. Molten lava is a soft cake that is filled with hot chocolate and when it meets with ice cream, it increases the taste. We have prepared a list of places where you can visit to try this dessert in Lahore.

Best Molten Lava Cake In Lahore:

On the below side, we are sharing the list of the Best Molten Lava cakes in Lahore. These bakeries and cafes are ranked based on taste and it has no concern with the price. So, check the below-given list and find which is the best place for molten Lava in Lahore.

Butlers Chocolate Café:

When it comes to the best Molten Lava, Lahori always went to Butlers Chocolate Café because they have the yummiest molten lava in Lahore. Furthermore, the prices are also very reasonable as compared to other famous places on MM Alam Road or any other area of Lahore. So, if you also want to visit this place then check Butlers Chocolate Café MM Alam Road Menu from here.

Butlers Chocolate Cafe MM Alam Road Pictures

English Tea House:

English Tea House is one of the most famous places for sweet treats in Lahore. This place is famous for its variety of desserts including its special Molten Lava. This place has two different branches including its Gulberg branch and DHA branch. We have shared the English Tea House Menu for those who are interested to visit this place.

English Tea House DHA Pictures

Arcadian Café:

Another best place for Molten Lava is Arcadian Café Lahore. This place has different branches including its Emporium Mall branch, and Gulberg Branch. You can visit any of its branches and you will get the same taste. So, if you are around Gulberg or Johar Town then, you can visit Arcadian Café Lahore for the best lava dessert.

 Sweet Affairs:

The Sweet Affairs Lahore does not only sells the best molten lava but also sells the best desserts in Lahore. From a cupcake to customized cakes, they have a variety of desserts for sweet lovers. We have shared the Sweet Affairs Lahore Menu with prices that you can check from here.

Sweet Affairs Lahore

Dessert Directory:

The dessert Directory is a French-styled dessert boutique which is located in Y Block DHA Lahore. This place is also offering one of the yummiest Molten Lava in Lahore. You can visit Dessert Directory Lahore Menu to check the prices of its offered items.

Dessert Directory Lahore Pics

The Sweet Factory:

The Sweet Factory is also located in DHA Lahore in Phase 6. This place is also offering a variety of desserts including its special Ice cream-filled chocolate taco, molten lava, and much more. The complete Sweet Factory Lahore Menu is given here.

Cheapest Molten Lava Cake in Lahore:

As you know some people consider the cheapest molten lava as the best molten lava. So, we have decided to share the list of the cheapest molten lava cake in Lahore. You can check the list of places that are not only sharing the cheapest places but also those that are offering the best lava cake at economical prices.

Sweet Creme:

When it comes to the cheapest but yummiest Lava cake then you can visit Sweet Crème Lahore. They have the cheapest but yummiest molten lava. So, if you are interested to check its prices then, check Street Crème Lahore Menu from here.

Sweet Creme Lahore


The Bakely Bakers are also offering the best molten lava at a very reasonable price. You can visit this place to try their special molten lava with ice cream. So, if you want to check the Bakely Lahore Menu then you can find its complete menu with prices from this website.

Jaybees Lahore:

The Jaybees Lahore is one of the best ice cream parlors in Lahore. This place is famous for its ice cream, desserts, and variety of cakes. You can try its molten lava with ice cream and you will surely love it. You can check Jaybees Lahore Menu with prices from this website.

Jaybees Gulberg Lahore

This is the complete detail of Best Molten lava in Lahore. There are also many other places that are offering the best lava cake but not mentioned in this list. If you know any other best place that is not mentioned in this list then, you can mention that place in the comment section. We will surely update that place in this list. You can find us on Pinterest.

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