Are you excited to check Best Namkeen Karahi in Islamabad? If yes then let me tell you that there is a huge list of restaurants that are offering Namkeen Karahi but only a few of them have the best taste. So, we have decided to provide the list of the best restaurants which are offering this Karahi in Islamabad. Before moving to the list of best restaurants, you need to know that namkeen karahis is a special dish from Afghanistan. After Afghanistan, this place became popular in Peshawar and now from Peshawar, it has reached other cities of Pakistan. It is also available in Islamabad too. So, if you want to check the list of best places then check this list from the below side.

Best Namkeen Karahi in Islamabad

People love to eat namkeen Karahi because of its unique taste. In Pakistan, people love to eat spicy food but sometimes a no spice dish can fascinate them the most. Namkeen Karahi is one of them that is loved by every Pakistani. Foodies from Islamabad also love to eat this dish and today we have decided to show the list of the best places where they can visit to try this food.

List of Restaurants Offering Namkeen Karahi in Islamabad:

In Islamabad, you can find every cuisine including Afghani cuisine. You can check the list of restaurants offering namkeen Karahi in Islamabad from here and can choose a perfect place for you. So, here is the list of best places to visit and try special namkeen Karahi or Shinwari.

Khyber Shinwari:

When it comes to the best namkeen Karahi the first place that comes in our mind is Peshawar. In Peshawar, People have the best Afghani cuisine that you will surely love to eat. But now there is no need to visit Peshawar because a true Peshawari restaurant is located in the heart of Islamabad to provide the best Namkeen food. The name of the restaurant is Khyber Shinwari and they have the best Namkeen karahi in Islamabad. Just visit this place for once and you will visit this place again and again due to its tasty food and true Peshawari environment.

Khyber Dodai:

When you are in Capital city and searching for the best namkeen food near F-6 Markaz then the best place is Khyber Dodai restaurant. This place is not only providing the real taste of Afghan cuisine but also providing the authentic afghani ambiance that you will surely love. So, make a plan with your family or friends to visit this place because they have the best Shinwari and Sulemani Karahi in Islamabad. If we talk about their prices then they are charging very moderate prices for their tasty food.

Khyber Dodai Islamabad Pictures 2

Shinwari Restaurant G9:

People love Namkeen karahi because it has fewer spices and cooked in its own fat which gives it a unique taste. There are two types of Namkeen karahi including Shinwari and Sulemani Karahi. Furthermore, you also have two options to choose a goat or lamb. According to your taste, you can either try Lamb Karahi or Mutton karahi. So, make a plan to visit Shinwari Restaurant G9 but before visiting this place, you need to check its complete menu from this website.

Shinwari Restaurant g9 Pictures

Pak Afghan Restaurant:

Pakistani love to eat Afghani food and for the best Afghani food, you can visit Pak Afghan restaurant. This place is offering the best namkeen Karahi including special Shinwari and sulemani dumba Karahi. So, if you want to try special Dumba Karahi or mutton Karahi then you can simply visit this place.

Khyber Shinwari Tikka House:

Khyber Shinwari Tikka House is also an Afghani restaurant located in the heart of Capital city. It is the second branch of Khyber Shinwari Tikka House Peshawar which is also offering the best quality Peshawari food.

Khyber Shinwari Tikka House

Smoke Ice Cream In Islamabad

This is the list of Best Namkeen Karahi in Islamabad where you can visit to find Dumba Karahi. You can also get the detail of each restaurant by visiting the page of that restaurant. For other restaurants, simply visit the main page of this website.

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