Pizza is an Italian dish but it is as famous in Pakistan as in Italy. No matter it’s a kid, adult, or old person when it comes to dine-out their first choice is pizza. People from Multan also love to eat pizzas and when it comes to Best Pizza in Multan, there are different restaurants which are offering the best pizzas. We have prepared a list of restaurants that are offering the yummiest pizza in Multan so that you can save your time and money by not visiting any third-class restaurant. So, have a look on the below side to check the list of restaurants that are offering the yummiest pizza in Multan.

Best Pizza in Multan

Multan is the place for food lovers. People from Multan love to eat fast food especially Pizza. When it comes to pizza, almost every small and big restaurant is offering this dish but only a few of them know how to make a perfect pizza. So, we are sharing the list of restaurants which has the best pizza in Multan. This list is prepared on the basis of a small survey conducted by Multani people.

Best Pizza Places in Multan:

Those people who are looking for the best pizza places in Multan can check the below-given list. We have shared the list of restaurants that have the yummiest pizza for you. So, check the below-given list.

The Melt 9 Pizza & Steakhouse:

When it comes to the best pizza and steak in Multan, you can visit The Melt 9 Pizza and Steak House. This place has a variety of special pizzas including their Seakh Kabab special pizza and much more. So, next time if you plan for the yummiest pizza then this place must be on your priority list.

The Melt 9 Pizza & Steakhouse

Al Kaif Multan:

Another best place for pizza lovers is Al Kaif Multan which is offering the yummiest pizza. Apart from pizza, they also have the yummiest burgers, wraps, and much more. You can also consider this place if you are planning for a pizza party with friends.

Oregano Pizza:

The Oregano Pizza Multan is located on Pir Khursheed Colony Road Multan. From its name you can guess that this place is famous for its pizza and no doubt they have one of the best pizzas in the city of Saints. So, if you are interested to visit Oregano Pizza Multan then check its menu with prices from here.

Oregano Pizza Deals

14th Street Pizza Co.:

The 14th Street Pizza Co is one of the leading pizza companies in Pakistan. This place is famous for its taste and variety of pizzas. You can visit this place or can order your favorite pizza by dialing their contact number from home. We are also sharing 14th Street Pizza Multan Menu for our beloved readers.

14th Street Pizza Multan


Domino’s Pizza is not only famous in Pakistan but it is one of the leading pizza providers in the world. It has branches in more than 100 countries including Pakistan. You can try world-class pizza from Domino’s by visiting any of its branches.

Domino’s 40% Off With MCB Cards

Fork N Knives:

In the race of providing the yummiest pizza, the Forks n Knives is also struggling to win the race. This pizza restaurant has introduced a variety of pizza flavors that you can check from the Forks n Knives Multan menu. You can bring your families and friends to this place in order to try their special pizza.

Fork n Knives Midnight Deal Lahore

Broadway Pizza:

Broadway Pizza is new to this city but it is one of the most successful pizza companies in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. This place is famous for offering the biggest slice of Pakistan and different shaped pizzas. Those who want to check the price of their pizza can check the Broadway Pizza menu from here.

Broadway pizza

Pizza Max:

The Pizza Max Multan is also one of the famous pizza places which is not only offering the yummiest pizza but also offering the healthiest pizza too. They always use such ingredients which are healthy and that is the reason people love to visit this place to try their special pizza.

pizza max specialty

If you know any other Best Pizza in Multan and you think that those restaurants must be on this list then do comment on the below side. We always encourage our readers to share their honest reviews about any restaurant or food. For more restaurants, you can check the main page of this website. Find us on Pinterest

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