Want to know about the Best Ramadan Buffet In Gujranwala? If yes, then you can check the list of restaurants that are offering a special Iftar buffet in the city of wrestlers. Almost every restaurant has introduced discounted prices during this holiest month of Ramadan. Some of them have also introduced the Iftar buffet for their beloved customers. So, if you are also interested in the iftar buffet then you can visit any of the below-given places. These are the best places to visit with family or friends. So, check the list of restaurants offering the best Ramadan deals in Gujranwala.

Best Ramadan Buffet In Gujranwala

Gujranwala is the city of foodies and food lovers. In this city, there are several restaurants which offer special buffet or Hi-tea to their customers. During Ramadan, these restaurants offer a special iftar buffet to their customers. So, if you are interested in the Iftar buffet or sehri buffet then you can check the list from here.

Best Iftar Buffet In Gujranwala:

If you want to know more about restaurants offering Iftar buffet in Gujranwala then you can check the below list. There are also many other places which are offering buffets during Ramadan but the best places are as follows.

  1. Chahaar Baagh
  2. Bundu Khan
  3. Mughal Mahal
  4. Manhattan Bites
  5. Khizar Tikka

Chahaar Baagh Gujranwala:

No matter it’s Ramadan or any other month, you can never get disappointed by Chahaar Baagh Gujranwala. This place is offering a special buffet not only in Ramadan but also in other months too. So, if you are interested in the Chahaar baagh Iftar buffet then you can check its details from here.

Chahaar Bagh Gujranwala Photos

Bundu Khan:

The other best place for Iftar buffet in Gujranwala is Bundu Khan Gujranwala. This place has introduced its special Ramadan buffet in RS 1399 plus tax. You will get more than 50 dishes in their Iftar buffet. So, check the complete details of Bundu Khan Iftar Buffet from here.

Bundu Khan Restaurant Lahore

Mughal Mahal Hotel:

Do you know that the Mughal Mahal hotel is also offering Ramadan buffet? If no then you need to check its special Iftar buffet from this website. You can visit this place to make your iftar special. Further, if you will bring your family or friends then you will surely enjoy your special iftar at Mughal Mahal Hotel Gujranwala.

These are the restaurants which are offering best Ramadan Buffet In Gujranwala but there are also many other places which are not offering buffet but offering different Ramadan deals. You can check these restaurants from here.

Best Ramadan Deals in Gujranwala:

These are the restaurants that are offering the best Ramadan deals in Gujranwala. During the pandemic, the indoor dine-in is closed but still, you can visit these places for car dining, and takeaways. They also have introduced a home delivery service.

Manhattan Bites:

Are you excited to try special Manhattan Bites Ramadan Deals? If yes, then check these deals from the main page of Manhattan Bites and order your favorite one. They have different deals according to the number of persons.

Manhattan Bites Gujranwala Deals 4

Khizar Tikka Shop:

People from other cities also visit Khizar Tikka Shop due to its tasty food. During Ramadan, this place also introduces different deals and discounts to its customers. So, if you want to check Khizar Tikka Shop Ramadan Deals then you can check from this website.

Khizar Tikka Shop Gujranwala Menu


KFC is also offering one of the best Ramadan deals in Gujranwala. So, if you are interested to check its deals then check from KFC Ramadan Deals 2022. After visiting this page, you will get the details of all KFC deals during Ramadan.

KFC Ramadan Deal

So, if you are still looking for Best Ramadan Buffet In Gujranwala or the best Ramadan deal then you can let us know through comments. If you want to check other places in Gujranwala then you can simply visit the main page of this website.

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