Those who are looking for the Best Ramadan Deals In Rawalpindi 2024 can check the list of restaurants that are offering Sehri and Iftar deals. In Rawalpindi, there are different restaurants that offer the Iftar buffet and Sehr buffet to their customers. Some restaurants are offering special Iftar platters to their customers. So, if you want to check the buffet places in your city or want to check the iftar platter places, you can check from here. On the below side, we are going to share the complete details of these restaurants that you can visit this Ramadan to get the best Ramadan deals.

Best Ramadan Deals In Rawalpindi 2024

In Ramadan, almost every restaurant introduces different deals to its customers. We are sharing the list of those restaurants which are offering the best Sehri and Iftar Deals in Rawalpindi in 2024.

Sehri and Iftar Deals In Rawalpindi:

These are the restaurants offering Sehri and Iftar deals in Rawalpindi that you can avail of by visiting this place or by ordering from home. Some of these deals are only valid for takeaways and home deliveries. So, check this list and order your favorite deals from your favorite restaurant.

  1. Anarkali Restaurant Iftar buffet for 2299 plus tax
  2. Mei Kong Iftar buffet for 2690 plus tax
  3. Pearl Continental Iftar buffet for 3999 plus tax
  4. Chaaye Khana Iftar buffet for 2899 plus tax
  5. Saffron Foodies Iftar Platter for 650
  6. BBQ Tonight Iftar buffet for 1999
  7. Blue Lagoon Iftar Buffet for 1895
  8. KFC Deal for 1650
  9. McDonald’s Ramadan Deal for 1650
  10. Domino’s Deal for 1690
  11. Monal Downtown

Anarkali Restaurant:

The Anarkali Restaurant is offering one of the best Pakistani or Desi food. If you are a BBQ lover then this place must be in your priority list. So, those who are interested to check Anarkali Restaurant Rawalpindi Ramadan Deals for Sehri and Iftar can check from this website.

Anarkali Restaurant Iftar Buffet

Mei Kong:

Mei Kong is a Chinese restaurant which is offering the best Chinese in Rawalpindi. This place has also introduced an Iftar buffet for its customers. So, if you are interested in its iftar buffet or want to know more about its deals then you can check Mei Kong Rawalpindi Deals from here.


Mei Kong Iftar Buffet 2023

Pearl Continental:

Pearl Continental Rawalpindi is also offering an Iftar cum dinner buffet to foodies of Rawalpindi. So, if you want to visit the best place for Iftar in Rawalpindi then, you can reserve your table at Pearl continental hotel. They are offering a special buffet at a very reasonable price.

PC Iftar Buffet 2023

Chaaye Khana:

Chaaye Khana Rawalpindi is offering both Iftar cum dinner buffet and iftar platters. So, if you are interested in the Chaaye Khana buffet then, you can visit its Saddar branch. Whereas, their Iftar platters are available on every branch. So, check Chaaye Khana Ramadan Deals from here.

Chaaye Khana Iftar Buffet 2023

Saffron Foodies:

Another best place where you can bring your family or friends for a marvelous Iftar or Sehri is Saffron Foodies Rawalpindi. This place is also offering a special discount through its Ramadan Deals. This is one of the best Best Ramadan Deals In Rawalpindi that you can avail.


Saffron Foodies Iftar Platter 2023

Bar b Q Tonight:

Bar b q tonight is a famous BBQ restaurant that has its branches in different cities including Rawalpindi. So, if you want to eat best BBQ in Iftar then, you can head towards this restaurant. They are offering Iftar cum dinner buffet at very reasonable prices.

Bar b Q Tonight Iftar buffet 2023

Blue Lagoon:

Blue Lagoon Rawalpindi is also organizing Iftar cum dinner buffet. So, if you are looking for the best dinner places in Rawalpindi then, you can visit Blue Lagoon to try their Iftar cum dinner buffet.

Blue Lagoon Iftar Buffet

Monal Downtown Rawalpindi:

Another restaurant which is offering the best sehri and iftar deals in this city is Monal Downtown Rawalpindi. This place also offers an Iftar buffet to its customers that you can avail of by visiting this place or by ordering from home. During this pandemic, such restaurants have introduced Iftar platters. So, if you are interested in this restaurant then check its complete details from here.

KFC Rawalpindi:

KFC is also offering different deals during the holiest month of Ramadan. So, if you are interested in avail of KFC Rawalpindi deals then you can simply visit KFC Pakistan Ramadan Deals. Check your favorite deal and avail of that deal by calling on their contact number or by visiting this place.


KFC Ramadan Deal 2023

McDonald’s Rawalpindi:

Like KFC, McDonald’s Pakistan is also offing Ramadan feast deals in 2024. So, if you want to avail McDonald’s Iftar special deals then, you can simply order McDonald’s Ramadan deals in Iftar. One of the best deal of MC is as follows.

mcdonald sehri

Domino’s Rawalpindi:

Domino’s Rawalpindi is offering buy one get one free offer. So, buy 1 large pizza from Domino’s and get another one for free. So, what are you waiting for? Order Domino’s Ramadan Deal and avail best discounts.

dominos wednesday dea;

So, those who want to get more details about Best Ramadan Deals In Rawalpindi 2024 can visit the main page of this website. If you know any other best place in this city that is offering Sehri or iftar deals then let us know through comments. We will surely add that restaurant to this list.

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